Wanda James Wakes Up With a Dream on MLK Day

Wanda James Wakes Up With a Dream on MLK Day
Jeffrey and Wanda James.  Wanda had a dream she's afraid to share with Jeffrey.  She shared it with us, read her "I had a Dream" poem below.

Jeffrey and Wanda James. Wanda had a dream she’s afraid to share with Jeffrey. She shared it with us, read her “I had a Dream” poem below.

UPDATE:  January 22nd, 2013


Rockford, IL – RKFDNews.com reported on Martin Luther King Jr’s Day below – January 21st, 2013 – that local woman, Wanda James, had awakened from a dream and a poem she had wanted to share with all of us here on the world wide web of useless information.  She contacted us today to retract her dream, stating:


“I did not wake up with the same dream this morning. I pondered the significance of yesterday’s dream I had and today’s emptiness I’ve felt at work while my husband prepares me another chicken dinner.  You see, I know he can’t find a job in Rockford and I know his IQ is out of this world for him to ever consider lying to get a job.  I’d love to stay at home and make a baby while he went to work, but this kind of dream is absurd.  It’s not possible. Not here.  Thank you RKFDNews.com for allowing me to share my dreams and visions for a better future for Jeffrey and I – but I know better.  It’s not f*%king possible.  I had a dream, and that’s about it – a silly dream!  


Peace be with you and may God protect you and honor your desires in the end.


Wanda James
Rockford, of Illinois

Rockford, IL – Wanda James and her husband, Jeffrey, have been waking up together for twelve years at the same time.  Jeffrey prepares the coffee and pancakes while his dutiful wife gets ready for another day of work in the beautiful Rock River Valley of Dreams, Rockford of Illinois.

It’s those dreams that are waking Wanda up earlier these days, especially today, Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

I had a dream“, wrote Mrs. James to RKFDNews.com this morning.  Little did she know how important her dream is to us on this special day of thanks to MLK.  “… in fact, I have the same dream. I need to get it off my chest because I don’t know how to tell my loving husband how important this dream is to me.”

Wanda James’ dream is very important to us here at RKFDNews.com because it represents all of Rockford, Illinois, of Winnebago County in the United States of America which is located in North America on planet earth.  We asked Mrs. James if it was okay to share her dream with all of you fine people on the internet and she said, “Why yes, God bless you.

Here’s Wanda’s dream, unedited:

MLK“I have a dream…

in fact, I have the same dream.

I dream a dream my husband once dreamed,

to wake up and work like me here in the Forest City of Hopes, Dreams, Sounds and Visions.

I dream he finds a job one day for I am f*&%ing tired and need a break.

I dream he finds a job in Rockford of Illinois, so I can make a baby before I’m unable, old, and gray.

I dream he makes use of his four college degrees one day;

maybe, it’s not here–here in the Rock River Valley of Dreams and Daily Defeats.

I dream that he finds a decent employer who sees his value; but, I doubt it.

I dream that he lies about how smart he is to potential employers in interviews when he says to me, “Baby, I can’t.  I can’t lie or hide how brilliant I am. They will discover my value and fire me anyway once they figure out how smart I am, or that I tested in the high 180s for an IQ score eight times in my life.  They will discover I am one of the 90 people in all of America and they will fire me.  I promise you this.”

I dream that he reedits his resume to remove all of his college degrees and to replace those facts with white people lies.

I dream that he, too, one day, will tell his future employer how much he enjoyed working at McDonalds and Wal-Mart with his Master’s degree in BioChemistry rather than expressing that he feels he’s wasted twelve f*&king years of our lives.

I do not dream for me, I dream for Jeffrey; for he can carry us with health insurance and a better salary in Phoenix, Arizona if that’s where the job may be for my lovely husband, Jeffrey James.

I hope and I dream and I work and I scheme that Jeffrey James finds a job so I can wake up and make him coffee while he prepares for a day of work, somewhere, here in Rockford of Illinois, or anywhere.

I have a dream; it’s the same dream.

I had a dream.”

“I Had A Dream” Written By Wanda James for loving, intelligent, unemployed husband, Jeffrey, on January 21st, 2013 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

– Gilbert Grebner



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