Coffee With Dr. Levon Schofield

Coffee With Dr. Levon Schofield

Chief Tchad Beale Enjoys Rockford Flavored Coffee With RPS205’s Ex School District Leader, Dr. Schofield.

“I saw opportunities to enjoy coming to and leaving Rockford at Rockford’s own expense. Thank you!”

Chief Tchad Beale = RKFD  |  Dr. Levon Schofield = LS


"I am a lucky one and I thank Rockford, the city and the people, for paying me with monies to work there, and for paying me with monies to leave!  Thank you to the entire city of Rockford!" - Dr. Levon Schofield talking to Chief Tchad Beale about her time in Rockford, IL.

“I am a lucky one and I thank Rockford, the city and the people, for paying me with monies to work there, and for paying me with monies to leave! Thank you to the entire city of Rockford!” – Dr. Levon Schofield talking to Chief Tchad Beale about her time in Rockford, IL.

RKFD:  Hello, Dr. Schofield!

LS:  Hi, Tchad, nice to meet you. This is really delicious Rockford coffee, mmm.

RKFD:  Please, call me Chief Tchad–yes, Rockford is a wonderful place for talking and drinking coffee in public between 8am and 5pm. Do you miss it at all–the coffee, first off…

LS:  Oh, wow, yes, I do miss the Rockford flavored coffee. I don’t know what the natives are putting in the grounds but I believe it is why poverty here contains so many opportunities for powerful people like me to have enjoyed before vacating to another city and job. Hey, before I forget, pleasae thank the people of Rockford and everyone making decisions with the tax payer’s monies for covering my early exile: A six month vacation, and relocation to a better job in Boston!   Really though, thank everyone.

RKFD:  We will. It’s why I’m ecstatic that has this exclusive chance to talk to you while we drink the Rockford coffee.

LS:  Chief, I am honored. Rockford was a nice pit stop for me to get paid while enjoying the benefits of coming to–and leaving–Rockford at the people’s expense.  I couldn’t have scripted out the scenario better.

RKFD:  You are so welcome! Anything else you want to tell the people of Rockford, basically, those who hired you?

LS:  Why thank you, I would love to.  I was brought to Rockford to help the school district.  I was asked to make drastic changes and that is what I attempted to do.  I knew that being a woman–and not only a woman, but a black woman with a sharp tongue that can cut a roomful of pride into pieces–that I was in for a down-home wrestling match with the local yodels.  I did my research ahead of time, Chief, and I knew what kind of ‘billy “strategerie” I was in for if you know what I’m saying.  I planned for the worst from the get-go and thought, “if they’re willing to bring me here, they’ll be more than willing to pay me to leave.”  Man, oh man, was I right or right?

RKFD:  I agree.  I have told my staff that how you handled the community, teachers, school district, and media, was brilliant.  Absolutely brilliant.  You had nothing to keep you here from the get-go and knew how to walk into a very corrupt city, and have it pay you to leave!  Brilliant.  We think you pulled off a magnificent job. It’s even more evident how racist the community is after your leave.  They replaced you with a white guy and no one seems to want to complain about him like they did to you–go figure!

LS:  Thank you, Chief.  It’s nice to know that.  There are a few old-world white elitists calling the shots behind the scenes that I researched before hand–have you seen where the marketing dollars go? What a waste; check the city minutes–and I knew I’d be around for 2 years at best.  I tried to make drastic changes and upset a few of my own peers on the board who turned on me by leaking personal attacks to the media–bullshit alcohol nonsense–but overall, no one was ready for a shrewd awakening in Rockford.

RKFD:  Yes, we saw those attacks and heard about them.  All of a sudden Rockford and it’s predominantly racist community wanted to crown someone in a public position as enjoying a drink, while the irony of the joke is that the whole f*©king town is drunk and high half of the time anyway.

LS:  Oh yes, yes, yes.  There is nothing to do in Rockford but drink or pray.  If you don’t enjoy amateur hockey games, church, country music, wrestling, trips to Walgreens, and family events, what is there for Professional Business people to enjoy besides a stiff martini, a nice plate of beef, and a road trip out of state for simple pleasures?  Rockford is so nice in the way that it offers an exit in so many directions for pleasure if you don’t have a family or enjoy white people events like hockey, terrible rock and country music, and wrestling.  I do enjoy a little wrestling, I must admit.  Are you guys keeping track of the lunches and trips the current administration is taking now that I am gone?  Doubt it.

RKFD:  Yes, we do keep track of those minutes.  Many go missing or take months to magically appear. Imagine that.

LS:  Oh, I can imagine well. I imagined my time in Rockford as it was before ever stepping foot into the Forest City of Dreams.  It went exactly as planned and paid for.  I knew I was a black woman being hired to work for an already corrupt school district in a corrupt, good-ol-boy town, in the state of Illinois where corruption rules.  I’m no Einstein, but I knew what I was being hired into already.

RKFD:  We agree.  We liked your business tactics from the get-go.  We knew you were a business professional, not an educator.  Rockford is not used to shrewd business tactics though they should be.  Poor ethics run rampant amongst the business community.  We liked your style here.  You knew how to throw it back, Rockford style!  It was like everyone got a dose of decades of their own medicine and started crying, “Get Levon out!  Get Levon out!”  We predicted how the community, media, your fellow board members, and city government would react and they did.  The race card is as easy as apple pie to predict in a town that has no business tact to begin with.  The fact that the community uses race to cover up their social issues with business tactics with, “For the children!  For the future!” is a cop out.    Business is not nice and never should be.  No one was ready for your style.  Everyone wants a Peace Corp. leader but hard decisions take hard actions.  You were nasty and to the point-we appreciated that!

LS:  Oh, my, thank you! I didn’t think anyone appreciated my style.  Thank you, Chief Tchad.  There are too many contradictory Christians running amok in your city that are affecting how business and government is performed.  They say one thing and do another.  I said one thing whether you liked it or not, did it, and didn’t care what you, my board, or the community thought, and moved on. Those teachers in your city have been crying foul since the dawn of time but they’re so quiet now that a white man is back in charge.  No one can argue the battles a black woman faces in any leadership position before that of a white man in a leadership position.  This is a country rooted in racism, bloodshed, greed, and corruption from the community on up to the castle.

RKFD:  Is it safe to ask you that everything for you went as planned while vacating in the beautiful, opportunistic town of Rockford, IL?

LS:  I imagined my time in Rockford as it was before ever stepping foot into the Forest City of Dreams.  It went exactly as planned.  The Rockford School District is a gold mine, don’t let anyone else in the community tell you otherwise.  The board members and teachers don’t realize how much they have it made compared to other school districts. I have no regrets.  Thank you for the memories, Rockford!

RKFD:  When did you know it was time to think about leaving?

LS:  I knew during the hiring process.  Those idiots who hired me didn’t even look at my resume or experience.  I’ve done this before–you pay me to swoop into your very poor city to make drastic business changes to your School District, then, after awhile, you pay me to leave your poor town!

RKFD:  Brilliant, absolutely brilliant, Dr.!

LS:  I‘m no dummy, I’m not a Dr. for nothing.  The first 6 months were bliss–I love and miss that Woodman’s store, what a wonderful sushi and wine selection.  So yummie–but after 6 months, I started making plans for taking a long vacation.  Everything went as planned.  Those who hired me said one thing, but I knew at their community’s core was a conservative, racist bloodline that wouldn’t be ready for a black professional woman like me to swoop in and make drastic changes to how the School District was being ran previously, and how the naughty teachers polluting the system were behaving on a daily basis.  Have you ever met so many whiny individuals with pension plans, health insurance and paid vacations?  My Lord, you’d think they contracted the labor Aids for being teachers in the city of Rockford.

RKFD:  Labor Aids?

AH:  Why yes, Chief. Labor Aids. They have it so, so, so, so bad for working in education–can you hear them gathering to plan their next strike as to how awful they’re being treated?  Give us all a break, you chose your job.  You want to be treated better?  Change it or shut up like other professionals have to do if you don’t like it.  Wah, wah, wah, this little piggie went to the bank; wah, wah, wah, this little piggie went on vacation and the tax payers paid for it; wah, wah, wah, this little piggie took it’s family to the hospital and it was paid for.  What’s so bad about that?  I love working for the people!

RKFD: loves working for the people, Dr.  We work for free because we live in Rockford and there aren’t any jobs for us that pay us like the School District would.

AH:  Chief, you’re doing the people a great favor.  The money is coming for you and your staff but it is not coming from your own town.  It will arrive from another state, city, from people who like paying for shrewd creative labor with money–real money!  I am a lucky one and I thank Rockford, the city and the people, for paying me with monies to work there, and for paying me with monies to leave!  Thank you to the entire city of Rockford!

RKFD:  We will tell the city for you.  Thank you for your time, Dr. Schofield.

AH:  You’re welcome, Chief.  Again, tell the people for me, “THANK YOU FOR PAYING ME TO LEAVE ROCKFORD FOR EVER!”

– Chief Tchad Beale

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