Where’s Rick? There’s Larry! | #1

Where’s Rick? There’s Larry!    |   #1

Where's Rick?  There's Larry!  (Photo of Rick Nielsen and Larry Morrissey By Nels Akerlund)

Rick Nielsen

Sighting provided by Linda Roberts, Rockford, IL:

“I was pulling around aisel eight at the Hilander grocery mart on Rural St. when I spotted a man dressed in all black. At first I thought it was Johnny Cash but my husband whispered, “JOHNNY IS DEAD, DEAR! THAT’S RICK NIELSEN!” We couldn’t believe our eyes, it was Rick. We walked by him and his hand basket and noticed that he buys the same cans of black beans that we do! I couldn’t wait to get home and call my neighbor, Sharon to tell her we saw Rick buying the same cans of beans as my husband, Leo, and I.”

Larry Morrissey

Sighting provided by Don Leinenkugel, Rockford, IL:

“I was ordering a coffee downtown at Wired Cafe last Wednesday morning and there before my very own eyes was the mayor enjoying a coffee with some city pals and local photographers.  I really love that place and it was nice to see the Mayor mingling with people of his own amongst the poor people and artists. I bought a camera from Best Buy recently and started hanging out at cafes downtown to pick up secrets on how I can become a local philanthropic photographer.  If I see the Mayor again, I’ll ask him. I love coffee and downtown is the best place to see everyone getting together to make dreams come true.”

This concludes week one’s local celebrity sightings of Rick and Larry

Have you seen Rick and Larry and can’t wait to tell everyone? Read below.


George Brawn, Entertainment Reporter, RKFDNews.com

Where’s Rick? There’s Larry! is a weekly column presented by RKFDNews.com entertainment reporter, George Brawn. It’s centered around the whereabouts of celebrity sightings of local superstars, Mayor Larry Morrissey and Rick Nielsen. Brawn collects natives’ emails, peasants’ phone calls, savages’ text messages and weirdos’ undercover photos about where Rick and Larry have been.  If you have a sighting of Larry and Rick– or, you’re a local business that wants to advertise your business or government agency in conjunction with having $erved these local celebrities please report your awesome Rick and Larry experience to George, now:  Click here.


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