All Local Starbucks to Close by Feb. 12th

All Local Starbucks to Close by Feb. 12th


ROCKFORD, IL – Kimberly Dumond’s 3-year career has come to this: Two weeks of severance pay.

The 45-year-old, who works at the Starbucks on Perryville Rd in Rockford, is one of roughly 39 local employees set to lose their jobs when the coffee giant chain closes all six of its locations this month.

“Everybody is surprised. Absolutely everybody,” Dumond said. “There are people who have been here since the store opened 4 years ago. We don’t know what we’re going to do.”

Starbucks has long faced a downhill battle as it struggled to compete with upscale local bean-brewhouses such as Wired Cafe and Octane Interlounge. After more than two years of dwindling revenue and no profit, Starbucks announced it would shutter all of the chain stores by February 12th.

“Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, the stores remained unprofitable,” said Rob S.Nirner, chief executive of Starbucks. “We’ve reached the point at which continuing to operate these stores does not make financial sense for the company.”

“People in Rockford seem to only like local coffee,” said Nirner.

You will learn more when we know less.™

– Jay Vannigan

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  1. Juan 12 January, 2014, 12:28

    They are closing all walmarts too!!!! Lol

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  2. Anonymous 7 January, 2014, 13:00

    Nice try attempting to be The Onion. FAIL again.

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    • RKFD NEWS GOD 8 January, 2014, 13:41

      The Onion is not our inspiration, people like you and the Rockford region are. If 40,000 hits on this article with 5,000+ shares is a fail, then you must be a f*cking genius and we’d love to hire another qualified troll like you to provide quality insight.


      Chief Tchad Beale

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  3. Anonymous 2 January, 2014, 16:22

    Hahahahahahahahaha…humans are funny. Thanks for another laugh,!

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  4. Anonymous 1 January, 2014, 12:48

    The stupid here has hit epic proportions. If you actually think all the Starbucks are closing because of being unprofitable, please, please do me a favor and don’t breed. Do not pass along this crippling stupidity to another generation. Think of the children.

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    • RKFD NEWS GOD 2 January, 2014, 12:10

      Thank you for taking the time on the internet to share your electronic emotions with us. WE couldn’t agree with you more. Stop the Rockford from breeding in 2014! Happy new year!

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  5. Tara F. 31 December, 2013, 22:29

    Does this include Loves Park and Machesney Park as well?

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  6. Zod 31 December, 2013, 15:58

    Starbuck was my favorite character. Still is….Ziggy Starbuck. Battlestar Galactica for lyfe!

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  7. Jay 31 December, 2013, 11:21

    Hey Starbucks employees: Get a clue! If you’re pulling a paycheck from a coffehouse that has not made a profit in 3 years, you just may want to look for another job. Unless you’ve been blind to the operation and absolutely love working at a place where you’re asked to do little to nothing, where very few customers come in….you do not have my pity for loosing a job.

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  8. Anonymous 31 December, 2013, 10:55

    people get a life

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  9. Anonymous 31 December, 2013, 10:53

    If only it were true. Shop local folks.

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  10. Anonymous 31 December, 2013, 10:26

    No big loss it’s all over prices anyway, there are a number of locally owned place that do just as good as job and not as expensive, keep it local

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  11. Anonymous 31 December, 2013, 09:49

    Jay Vannigan, get a life. Do not go running around and making these false accusations! If you trying to scare the general public and increase sales at stores, job well done. Do not make these horrible stories with these fake people without even googling who the damn CEO is. EVERYONE knows good old uncle Howard Shultz Is the proud CEO of the company.
    Bad noose, bad AND SHAME ON YOU.

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    • Jay Vannigan Author 31 December, 2013, 19:08

      Dear Anonymous,
      The fact that you took time out of your day to write this heartfelt retort means the world to me.
      It is the reason I get up in the morning.Sending positive feelings your way, Sincerely Jay Vannigan

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  12. HELLO!!!!!!?????? 31 December, 2013, 09:38

    You guys are dumb! I work for starbucks and… We are not closing! Plus if you read this… You should know that Perryville has been open longer than 4 years. This person is also not real they are referring too! Gotta say though… This is awesome! Ive had so many people asking me why we are closing :))) hahahahaha

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  13. Time prters 31 December, 2013, 06:06

    Lol…Idiots. . No Wonder this state elected Barack Obama, Dick Durbin and Pat Quinn keep getting elected.

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  14. Anonymous 31 December, 2013, 00:10


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  15. Jax 31 December, 2013, 00:03

    You’re fake story’s suck about as much as the shitty of Rockford does.

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  16. Anonymous 31 December, 2013, 00:03

    I cant believe people still fall for this parody site. You must be the same gullible and uninformed people I see on Jay Leno’s “Jay Walking”.

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  17. Anonymous 31 December, 2013, 00:00

    Can’t they just leave ONE OPEN FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

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  18. Anonymous 30 December, 2013, 23:36

    I’m heartbroken. All of them???? Noooooooooooo….:((

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  19. Anonymous 30 December, 2013, 23:22

    They’re not going to close the Starbucks when they still have hiring signs up and they just opened another Starbucks in Rockford.

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  20. Scissor Fight (@Jerry923) 30 December, 2013, 23:11

    Please, dear Jesus of Nazareth, do not let them close the one at the Oasis, which is my favorite.

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