Carp Training Available


Midwestern Carp Trainer Academy is a cutting-edge program designed to give you the skills needed for a successful career in the  Carp training field. This program is created and taught by professional trainers with extensive experience.

This 5-day training workshop is based on the Carp Training DVD volumes 1-4  and study guide learning material. Students will interact with professional trainers during training sessions with carps, catfish, and geese! Included in the workshop is a Swim with Carp experience. The cost is just $10,000 and includes coffee with the Mayor Barry Morrison at a coffee house of his choice and your experience will be professionally videotaped and edited to DVD by one of our many videographers.

Training Carp it’s the career of many people’s dreams! Almost everyone has either read about carps or seen them on television. A few people may have been fortunate enough to observe them in their wild habitat. Many of you probably have seen trained carps in person at an aquarium or carp show. The intelligence and creativity of carps make working with them both challenging and a lot of fun. As you watch trained carps gracefully perform various behaviors on cue, the trainer’s job may look easy. It seems as though the trainer “directs” and the carp “performs”. What you don’t see is all the time, planning, and expertise that go into this unique kind of  carp-human relationship.leaping_1721146i


  • Receive personalized small-group training.
  • Understand the science and mathematical application of operant conditioning and temperal lobe aquatics.
  • Prepare yourself for the future.
  • Create a competitive animal training resume.
  • Learn to become a successful team member and learn that failure is going to happen but you will always have your friends.


  • 5-day animal training course
  • Carp Training Packet
    • 2 DVD set
    • Orange hard hat
    • Reinforcement Pouch/Metal Panties
    • Training whistle and Carp taser
  • Interaction with professional trainers
  • Hands-on carp experience
  • Carp speech therapy
  • Baton and Death Hook (see fig.2 on page 444 of packet B.)
  • Swim with Carp experience
  • Behind the scenes access to bars 
  • Certificate
  • Badge
  • Eagle Claw Necklace
  • Brown Pants with Gold Trim
  • Coffee Mug
  • Autographed Picture of Tom Cruise (Top Gun Era)

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