Children attack Milk Truck.

ROCKFORD — Four small children linked to at least one armed robbery of an Oberweiss milk delivery driver were arrested on a charge of armed robbery and biting.Several robberies have been reported around the area all with similar stories.

Three of the youths are 7, and the other is 9; their names are being withheld because they are children.

Just before 7p.m. Wednesday, a swat team was sent to the 2700 block of Auburn St in reference to an armed robbery of an Oberweiss milk delivery driver. Officers met with the victim and were told four small children armed with spears and very sharp teeth confronted her. They demanded and took her milk and dignity. “They were not ordinary children they had this look in their eyes and they were snapping their teeth at me like animals”said Florence Harden

All of the victims have told the same frightening story: children had bitten them and threw spears at them.

Darrin Bernard, 56, had an angry slash across his back from a child that charged into his family’s home.

“We finally closed the gates to our property and beat the child to death,” said Bernard

No city has as many stray children as Rockford, and no city suffers as much from them. Free-roaming kids number in the tens of thousands and bite hundreds of people annually, including vast numbers of elderly and delivery drivers. An estimated 400 people die every year from rabies infections.

Packs of strays children lurk in public parks, guard alleyways and street corners and howl nightly in neighborhoods and villages. Runners (often called joggers) carry steel rods to beat them away, and bicyclists fill their pockets with stones to throw at them. Delivering milk or anything here can be compared to swimming with sharks.

Mark Jergen, who lives in RKFD part time, said he was walking his beloved dog Fudge Cake some years ago not far from Logli Gardens when “two kids came out of nowhere and attacked.” Fudge Cake was leashed, so he could not run away.

“I tried to grab the children and pull them away, but just as I got one, the other would attack,” Jergen said. “They killed Fudge Cake right in front of my eyes.”

He blames himself for his dog’s death and remains terrified of kids. “It’s very difficult to take a dog for a walk here because of the attacks from street children,” said Dr. Radley Delin, president of the Printers Unionchildren running.

The method of operation was the same in the robbery of a pizza delivery driver Wednesday night in the 3400 block of Harestel Avenue.

Police found the four individuals running through an alley howling like wolves and reeking of milk..

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