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Local Cat Lover Upset With RkfdNews, Unlikes Our Facebook Page and Writes Us Letter lol

Local Cat Lover Upset With RkfdNews, Unlikes Our Facebook Page and Writes Us Letter lol

a local man who also happens to love cats (according to his facebook public phone photo) went on a rampage today and unliked RkfdNews on the facebook.  his friends loved it by liking and sharing his public electronic letter to us. many of them enjoyed it by commenting and making more data.  some crossed the line by making personal data opinions vs. a generalized approach.  the local man swore that rkfdnews blocked him from our page and we didn’t. to prove we didn’t, we shared his post all over of our internets and now here on world wide web of information lol and gained 3 more likes yay likes lols  lose 1 gain 3 good global math rockford people need to take bath and use soap. especially people who move to georgia from rockford lol cats use soap! rockford community so smelly and leaders so dirty use soap here wipe our pussies lol
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  1. Bernie Sanders 26 August, 2015, 13:27

    You people have certainly found a new depth to the already-lowly realm of satire. I don’t believe I’ve seen a great idea executed in such a poor way. (With the possible exception of the FDIC) It makes me sad, as an American, to wave the flag and cheer, knowing that walking genetic waste material is part of what the flag represents. Your page is excellent evidence that the revocation of the first amendment has become entirely necessary. I used to believe that hope and change were possible, just like Barry, but now, I see the only possible course of human action should be the complete eradication of humanity. Maybe if nature starts over, she will design a new type of intelligent being. A being that has a better than 90% failure rate in creating worth-while individuals.

    Gentlemen and ladies of RKFD News, it is truly a shame you all were not smothered in your sleep as infants. Just know that most of your fellow humans most likely feel the same about you too. Thank you for your time.

    Bernie Sanders

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