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All-Time Top Comments and Insults Received by RkfdNews | Volume 1: 2012-Present

Rockford, Illinois — Rockford area residents have spoken all over the internet the past few years. We’ve collected a few of their comments since 2012 and will be releasing volumes of statements and opinions left on RKFDnews social media feeds

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Popular Fake Baby Names To Consider – Part 1

Rockford, IL –  Babies are being born everyday. In tough times, especially here in the land of opportunity–Rockford, IL–babies are being conceived everyday before they ever have a name because our friends, family and neighbors are running out of ideas to

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Letter From The Editor: We Are Not The Onion and We Own A Yacht

Hello, it’s me again.  I’m writing to you from a yacht off the coast of the Cayman Islands that Linda and I live on during these long, cold midwestern winters.  It’s so warm here, and the people are nice, healthy,

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Internet Man Loses Facebook’s Prized Balloon to Chief Tchad Beale

Rockford,  IL – A self-proclaimed social media guru initiated a verbal spar with our editor Chief Beale yesterday.  The half imaginary fight took place inside the comments section of a mutual contact’s post regarding Transform Rockford, the recent push for

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Passion & Hard Work Will Not Open Doors Without Crumbling Your Rockford Cornbread Into Positivity Pudding

Coffee With Chief Tchad Letters From Our Editor, Chief Tchad Beale Hello, Rockford, it’s been awhile since we’ve talked. It’s me again, Chief Tchad Beale.  I am one of the most powerful internet men in the United States of Your City

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Drinking the Rockford Flavored Coffee Causes Mental Breakdowns in Positivity

Rockford, IL –  A new report that was released by the Museum of Science and Rockford Industry this week states that emotional breakdowns are on the rise amongst community leaders, artists, and public sector sheep who preach positivity as a

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