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Our City, Our Portillo’s + Rock River Valley Pantry Tee Shirt Fundraiser

Our City, Our Portillo’s + Rock River Valley Pantry Tee Shirt Fundraiser

Portillos-Rock-River-Valley-Pantry-Fundraiser-Design-Copyright-Andy-Whorehall has launched an online campaign fundraiser to donate 100% of the profits made from the sale of this shirt to the Rock River Valley Pantry, located in Rockford, IL.

Click here to support the campaign.

If the campaign is successful, 100% of the profits are being donated to a cause that actually helps provide nutritious foods to those in need.  Let’s celebrate the arrival of another fast food restaurant to our miserably proud and unhealthy community by seeing what good we might be able to produce considering the community seems to be so invested in bringing more fast food restaurant to celebrate vs. helping fix the poor, unhealthy problems we already have.  The more shirts that are bought, the more goes to charity.

front-10The campaign has 1 goal:  100+ pre-orders must be acquired by July 23rd.  If the goal is not met, you are not charged, the Tees are not made and no donation can be made to Rock River Valley Pantry–and everyone but those who participated would have proven what  a bunch of losers, talkers, coffee drinking cons and downtown snobs that The Rockford has.  Come on, scumbags–we talking’ to you!

Rock River Valley PantryRock River Valley Pantry is a 501(c)  state of Illinois certified non-profit organization that fights hunger in the community by providing nutritious food to those in urgent need.  You can learn more about RRVP by clicking here.front-15


front-11Here are the profit breakdowns from the sales of the shirts (premium and basic) with a pre-order goal of 100 shirts being made from, the online host of this campaign.  Note that they do not provide S&H fees–average $3-$4 per shirt–and is not a part of the profit breakdown shown:

Our City, Our Portillo's + Rock River valley Pantry Campaign Link:

Our City, Our Portillo’s + Rock River valley Pantry Campaign Link:


front-12Again, the more we can sell, the more we can donate–obviously. (However, our staff has our doubts about many of you being able to understand basic math.)  Setting the pre-order goal of 100 shirts higher would’ve raised the profits earned, but let’s start small and see if we’re actually worthy of doing something good that people stand behind vs. attending another visioning rally to talk and talk and talk and talk.  Come on, people.front-14

If we can do this–while the rest of the town pretends to transform stuff, think positive and talk about all the good they’re doing with their silly marketing campaigns aimed at gathering your data, selling civic pride positivity tee-shirts or hosting yard signs and vision rallies–we’ll do something bigger next time if you can prove such a cause was worthy of everyone’s time, hard-earned and easily spent money.  We have our doubts, please prove us wrong.


front-18Thank you in advance and please share if you can’t participate at this time,

Click here to support the campaign.

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