Foul Odor Reported; Methane From Polling Places Blamed

Foul Odor Reported; Methane From Polling Places Blamed

polling-place-voters-c8849c0d8796f5e2Loves Park, IL – Coastal residents near The Mighty Rock awoke to a foul odor last week that probably was caused by a large release of methane in the polling places authorities said.

Fire departments in Rkfd and Loves Park began receiving calls shortly after dawn from residents as far north as Sunset Blvd. and south of  Piss Island reporting a rank smell blowing in off some parts of the thawed river.

“The Rockford fire hazardous-materials team took readings off the Rock River near San Vicente Blvd. and found methane in the water”, said communications officer, Juniper  Walker III.

Walker added, “The amounts, however, were too small to be hazardous to health.”  Some illnesses were reported but “those claims came from poor people and they don’t not matter” said Walker.

“Recent shifts in water temperature might have caused plankton and algae beds that were recently frozen to thaw just a little, releasing methane just under the surface.  The gas also might have been produced by a geologic event, such as the local primary elections that took place recently. People run home, eat, and than head off to the polling place or go to lunch; then, go vote. It makes sense but oh boy does it leave a foul scent.  We usually have this happen around election time.  There’s no special way of telling where or when it will happen, but most polling places near the river were overloaded with poor Rockfordians with extra gas trying to make a change. As of midday, readings indicated the methane had dissipated”, Walker said.

The Rockford Coast Guard Air Quality Management District reported no complaints of odors according to a spokesman, but sent an inspector to investigate the scent.

Last September, air quality officials traced malodorous fumes that besieged the Beloit Valley to decaying matter in the Pierce Lake, more than 5 miles from The River.

Pope Benedict Eggs.

– Jay Vannigan

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