If Rockford were to say “NO” to DERBY | REYNOLDS – THE WAL-MART OF ADVERTISING™, how much would that help our local economy? What do you think?

If Rockford were to say “NO” to DERBY | REYNOLDS – THE WAL-MART OF ADVERTISING™, how much would that help our local economy? What do you think?


Rockford, IL – A major online social disease  about THE WAL-MART OF ADVERTISING’S™ impact on the poor Rockford region broke out like herpes on Facebook dot com this past week.  What a horrible week in the YOU$A™ overall.

The community gathered to contain the positive virus which is also known as DERBY | REYNOLDS to professionals seeking smarter, cheaper, marketing methods for their tax dollars.  The virus will come in contact with  most of you via orange flagged logos with a white dot in it.  We contacted Lord Thomas Derby, the revered CEO and LORD of ALL, at Derby | Reynolds for a comment but a representative of the company demanded that we “pay him first for a formal recorded comment to use on our site” which we are being told is worth thousands of dollars we do not have right now to pay our Lord.  We are looking forward to working with Lord Derby’s company in the future as they continue to divide the poor Rockford community with pro-bono, charitable, free, online discussions and consultations.

Note:  Comments and pictures below are copyright to Facebook.com, not the page and profile owners.  We do not represent the facebook.com opinions or comments contained within below and any similarities that are evident to real or non-living individuals are purely coincidental.  Please consult your nearest Facebook.com com psychologist and privacy protection and copyright gods before crying foul on RKFDnews.com.  Celebrate yourselves for contracting the social media virus called Facebook before assuming you have contracted the Derby | Reynolds social media virus.  IF you think you’ve been affected by the orange flag with a white dot, ask yourselves, “do I work for the city of Rockford or an ad firm? Or, am I a racist of the color orange?”, before blaming RKFDNews.com.

– Theodore Lepolli


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