Lays Looks to Rockford For New Flavors

Lays Looks to Rockford For New Flavors

LAYSROCKFORD, IL – Lays Taytoe Chips recently introduced three new regional chip flavors that are challenging their classic BBQ, Sour Cream & Onion, and Salt & Vinegar varieties for the world’s most delicious ethnic Taytoe Chip.

The famous snack company searched the globe for taste combinations last year and hit the midwest jackpot right here in Rockford of Illinois. Lay’s launched new Taytoe Chips flavored with Rockford regional seasonings; Poverty & Dill, Cheesy Garlicky Unemployment Bread, and finally–our favorite–Spicy Crushed Dreams With Chive . The three oddball flavors were the finalists in Lay’s nationwide contest to find the next new regional flavor. Nearly 1.4 million entries were submitted by chip fans and a board of regional experts.

Having local influence from Sprinkles and McBanotris on the board great increased our chances of winning the Lay’s Taytoe Chip flavors contest.“, said our own beauty tips specialist, Barry Seversyn–a very handsome man in an ugly town that knows a bit about Taytoe Chips.  “New flavors of Taytoe Chips are good for your teeth and a nice moisturizer for your lips.  I eat four bags a week to naturally floss my teeth, but it’s the leftover seasonings in my mustache that my lovers enjoy the most.

Between now and May 4th, the three new flavors are for sale around the country and fans can vote on Lays Facebook page to decide which chip becomes a permanent member of Lays’ lineup.

Unfortunately for Rockford snack fiends, the chips aren’t currently available anywhere in the region.  The closest location to try these flavors are in Little Rock, Arkansas.  They’ll be in Rockford soon enough,” said a Lays spokesperson.

Despite the chips’ limited availability,’s staff snagged the new flavors on a sales raid down in Little Rockford, Parkansas last week.  Here is our review:

Poverty & Dill 

It was clear to our taste tester upon opening the bag that these sweet and dilly treats were a totally new eating experience. Smelling distinctly of Downtown Rockford in the summer during a garbage strike  with “fresh garden Dill” according to Lay’s. The chips themselves were rather mildly flavored with hints of sadness savorily hidden behind the more robust dilly top notes of each Taytoe Chip. Overall, fans of the chips will be the type of people who enjoy mixing their drinks with pills; in other words, these are the type of people who prefer the non-chip version of Poverty and Dill.

Cheesy Garlicky Unemployment Bread

“Garlick bread is supposed to be the best part of any spaghetti family dinner,” said our taste tester before he was about to taste his first chip. “Unfortunately, our family was poor and never got to eat any Garlick bread,” he added.  “These chips sucked, and the cheese they used was like the government cheese I ate as a child. My dad was unemployed for most of our lives.”  Our taste tester began to cry as he crushed the rest of the bag and threw them in the garbage.

Spicy Crushed Dreams and Chive 

These chips are a flavor safari that starts surprisingly bad and ends with a slow burn. So slow in fact that at first it was hard to tell if the Taytoe Chips were spicy at all. The tip of our taster’s tongue started tingling and he tried to say, “Wow, these are actually pretty spicy!”; but all he was able to mutter out was, “HELP ME.”  These Taytoe Chips are by far and away the most complex, midwestern, Rockford flavored chips, of the three new chip flavors offered.  These southeast RKFD-inspired snacks were the favorite of the RKFD News’s staff. As one spicy chip connoisseur (Chet Fairway) noted, “I have lived here in Rockford all of my life and I’m used to crushed dreams, but pairing them with the chive is perfect.”  Another tester (Gilbert Grebner) was similarly conflicted, but added, “These are the one’s I’d eat while searching for a job with a few beers. It’d only take 8 or Keystone Light beers to wash these down I’d assume.” Noted.

– Jay Vannigan

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