Man Tries To Amputate Own Leg

Man Tries To Amputate Own Leg

MACHESNEY PARK- On Thursday morning Henry Drofenheimer was hiking through Rock Cut State Park but while descending the wall down by the dam the wind got heavy and his heart grew still and he heard a loud crack then a tree limb crushed his right leg pinning it against the wall and the ground. Drofenheimer  had not told anybody of his hiking plans, thus no one would be searching for him.

Figuring that he would die, he spent 45 minutes slowly sipping his small amount of energy drink, smoking the last of his weed, and slowly digesting his small amount of food,a Kit Kat and some Twizzlers. He could not free his leg from the limb what the thought to be about 400 pounds in his hazed state. After another hour went by the dehydrated and stoned Drofenheimer prepared to amputate his trapped right leg at a point by the knee, in order to escape.He then smashed his glass pipe and made some exploratory superficial cuts to his leg in the first few minutes.He realized that in order to free his leg he would have to cut through the bone, but the broken pipe and paperclips he had were never going to do the job.

When he ran out of food and water , he remembered the story of  Aron Ralston the hiker who cut off his arm and was forced to drink his own urine he was thirsty “but not that thirsty” said Henry. He panicked “my mind went elsewhere” said Drofenheimer I thought I would never get to hang out with my friends or see my dog Juniper Breeze again.

A group of bird watchers found Drofenheimer about 2 hours into his ordeal and lifted the limb off his leg. “It was not really that heavy” said Maybel Parks. Maybe only about 50 pounds he could of done this by himself but he was wasted.

His mother Nancy Drofenheimer gave this statement to RKFD News

“It’s amazing, because you have all these awful thoughts that go through your head and stuff that you experience or hear about, and you’re just ecstatic that he’s OK,” she said from her trailer.

“I just feel like a huge boulder has been lifted off of my shoulders. It was just agonizing pain all day until he was found,” “When I saw him, I never ran so fast, and I never hugged him so tight.

Drofenheimer is resting at home with his dog and thinking about writing a book about his ordeal.”Hell if that other guy has a book maybe I could cash in.”

– Jay Vannigan




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