Mitt Romney Enjoys Breakfast At Machine Shed With Caucasian Locals

Mitt Romney Enjoys Breakfast At Machine Shed With Caucasian Locals

Mitt Romney takes a break from eating his eggs to talk to the Machine Shed’s Caucasian customers.

Presidential Candidate for the divided-and-sinking-yet-hilariously-united-by-insanity Republican party, Mitt Romney, ate a delicious breakfast with Caucasian locals at the popular, retail restaurant hangout, Machine Shed.

Caucasian customers enjoying grits, corn nibblets and scrambled eggs noticed the tall man because Romney and his team took up the entire west wing of the very popular after church gathering place for local Christians this past Sunday.  Romney was trying to enjoy his meal before blasting back into the bus to hit Madison, WI, when a local man by the name of Roger Ecklundson, the small business owner of a marketable local church, approached the table and asked Mr. Romney for a speech.

Mr. Romney obliged for a few minutes, and told everyone how wonderful the Machine Shed’s food is. Abigail Smith asked Romney a question about his plan to fix the economy and he said, “I’ll get back to you on that, my eggs are getting cold!”  Everyone laughed, hugged, and shaked the Presidential cantidate’s hand as he was boarding his bus to hit the beautiful state of Wisconsin.

Caucasians enjoying the restaurant’s food that morning agreed that he is their man come November, 2012.

If anyone knows what Romney’s wife ate with her eggs, please email us at:  [email protected]

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