Mr. Lothario Makes Another Pizza For Mr. Strumwell

Mr. Lothario Makes Another Pizza For Mr. Strumwell


Rockford, IL – As reported last week, James Lothario took another day off to make a Rockford Pizza according to his neighbor, Joseph Dontel Strumwell.  Strumwell came home again for lunch to find Mr. Lothario in his kitchen–AGAIN–using his family’s wood-brick oven.  It was groundhogs day all over again.  The two men laughed once more after Lothario explained that Jillian Strumwell, Joseph’s wife, had let the neighbor in to cook the Rockford pizza–AGAIN–in exchange for feeding Mr. Strumwell for lunch as a surprise.

“I enjoy making the Rockford pizza every day and that is why I did it again.  When Jillian told me that I could use their wood-brick oven any day at any time, I offered to feed her family once more in exchange for using their wood-brick oven to cook the special Rockford pizza,” said James.  Besides pepperoni, green peppers, pineapple and sausage, Lothario “added a little something-something else to the sauce this time.  BBQ sauce and chocolate chips with slices of orange peel make a naughty Rockford pizza if you know what I means.”

We don’t know what he means once more and neither did Mr. Strumwell when he discovered Mr. Lothario naked–AGAIN–in his own kitchen making a Rockford pizza. Strumwell wasn’t caught off guard this time by his nude neighbor in his kitchen but told, “At first I was like, ‘you be f*cking my wife–AGAIN–on Tuesdays AND WEdnesdays at noon?’ But then I was like, day umm, that Rockford pizza smell so good bro!”

But was it a good Rockford pizza? We have the answer:

“Mr. Lothario always makes a nice Rockford pizza. It was very delicious, yes, but I wish that he would wear some clothes dog,” concluded Mr. Strumwell once more.

You will learn more–AGAIN–when we know less.™

– Ron Kites

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