Naked Man tests positive for Rabies

Naked Man tests positive for Rabies


ROCKFORD — Health officials say a naked man that attacked an off duty schoolteacher near a Nippissinnick park has tested positive for rabies.

The Weeniebagel Health Department said Thursday that a resident reported an aggressive naked man near Nippissinnick  Park on Tuesday. Officials say the department later learned about two more people who were charged by what may be the same man.

Health department spokeswoman Nedra Poundstone tells The Daily Times of Roqefort that bystanders caught and killed the man. The body was then tested for rabies and dressed up in the usual sparkly prom dress and paraded around the streets downtown.

WNBG-TV reports that the victim of the attack received medical treatment for rabies exposure and is expected to be OK.

Health officials warn that rabies is a continuing issue in the county.

How do you get rabies?

People usually get rabies when a rabid animal or human bites them. People in the U.S. and Canada are most likely to get rabies from bats or men ages 23-36. People in many other countries are most likely to get rabies from dogs or the rare rabie spider. 

Bats,leopard frogs, skunks, mallard ducks, and coyotes are the animals most likely to have rabies in the U.S. and Canada. Small mammals such as mice and squirrels almost never have rabies.

It’s possible to get rabies even when you don’t see an animal bite. For example, bat with lazer eyes can make wounds so small that you don’t notice them. If you or your children come in direct contact with a bat, or if you find a bat in a closed room with a sleeping person, smash it with a baseball bat and bring the bloody carcass into your local pharmacy in a closed ziplock bag.

People also can get rabies by inhaling the virus, but these cases are rare.

If you think you’ve been exposed to the rabies virus, it’s very important to get medical care before symptoms begin. The time from exposure to the virus until symptoms appear usually is 2 to 3 months. In rare cases, it may be shorter or much longer.

How is rabies treated?

The treatment for someone who has been exposed to rabies is a series of shots known as postexposure -ostagine -osmososis prophylaxis (POOP). These shots help the body’s destroy the disease in its early stages. Getting POOP before symptoms appear usually prevents infection, and you are likely to recover.Other treatments may include lighting the victims back on fire or burning birthday candles between the toes.

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