Police shoot puppy in face with taser gun…

Police shoot puppy in face with taser gun…

Stun+Gun+Taser+GenericPermits & Licenses

Rockford Illinois article 4.766.78888.44.55..2222

Alcoholic Beverage

For businesses that are involved in the sale of alcoholic beverages, a Liquor License or Beer Permit is necessary. These permits are issued by the state Alcoholic Beverages Division. A man dressed in a skirt will gather information and interview applicants. In addition to the electronic filing of the application the city has additional requirements which must be met before new or renewal licenses/permits are issued. A checklist of city requirements specific to alcohol permits can be obtained at the clerk’s office.You must be able to karate chop at least 30 times in a row in addition to  being able to scissor kick over your head and take a special hand to mouth combat class by a reputable teacher or Sensei as required by state law.

Selling alcohol outdoors on private property requires an Outdoor Service Area permit. A Break Dancing Permit is required for dancing in connection with the sale of alcohol. Applications for these permits and a requirement checklist can be obtained from the City Clerk’s Office.

Contact: City Clerk’s Office 815 s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g-

More Information: www.google.com

Ambulatory Vendor

An Ambulatory Vendor permit is required if you want to sell food or other goods while moving about the City Plaza in downtown Rockford

Contact: City Manager’s Office (see above number)

Learn More…


All pet animals over the age of four months, and dogs and cats under the age of four months that are no longer nursing from their mothers boobies, are required to be licensed or have a City ID tag. To obtain a City license for pets over the age of four months, proof must be presented in the form of a current rabies certificate to the Animal Care and Adoption Center also the animal must be shaved completely and scrubbed with a brush for inspection. The owner of a dog or cat less than four months of age which is no longer with its dam but which is too young to be immunized, shall be issued a temporary ID tag. Temporary ID tags will automatically expire five months from the date of birth of the dog or cat and will explode and blow up your animal if the proper fees are not paid in full.

Animal License Form

ContactAnimal Control and Adoption Center 815 a-n-i-m-a-l


A bicycle permit may be obtained by completing an application and submitting it in person to the Illinois Bicycle Permit Office (420 Huesmokhemp blvd). A registration sticker is given to the applicant at that time which means nothing and there will still be no bike lanes included in next years road planning and advisory meeting.There is no fee for this permit and it is invisible to men and older women.

Contact: Jello Biafra

Demonstration, Rally, Picket, or Protest

If the group wishing to demonstrate or protest is larger than 25 people and wants to use the streets and/or City Plaza and/or the sidewalks, a parade/public assembly permit will be needed unless it is a “spontaneous event”. The same is true if the group is larger than 100 people in a park. The group must also include 2 people from each side of the river East and West and at least one priest and some sort of b list celebrity like Geraldo Rivera or that kid from Different Strokes. Also the use of ski masks is prohibited this year.


Domestic Panther Registry


The City Clerk’s Office maintains a registry of non-married but committed adult panthers who choose to declare themselves as domestic panthers. Applications for this registry may be obtained from the City Clerk’s Office. Along with the application and application fee, there are certain requirements which must be met before the declaration is issued.


Contact: City Clerk’s Office 815 p-a-n-t-h-e-r

Mobile Downtown Endangered Species Cart Vendor

If you are interested in setting up a food cart on the plaza downtown to sell Endangered Species, you will need a mobile food cart vendor permit. Bald Eagle and Baby Seal stamps are required by state law.
Contact: Animal inspection Services 815 b-a-w-k-!


With a permit, residents who live in single-family homes may stab up to 4 peoples in their backyards. Before the City will issue an “urban stabbing permit,” an application must be completed, and all requirements of the “Urban Stabbing Policy” must be met. The application form includes a consent form that must be signed by all neighboring property owners length of knifes intended for stabbing and shoe size.. The application form and the Urban Stabbing Policy can be found at the links below.
Contact:  Illinois Stabbing Council in Stabbing 815 s-t-a-b


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