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The Best of Times, The Worst of Times – Remembering Our Chief, Part 2


Rockford, IL – Chief Chen is retiring and the search for a new chief of police commences.

Rockford area community leaders and professional facebookers have strong opinions about our soon-to-be former chief.  We’ve heard it all, and we’ve read it on the Twitter, too.  Everyone has an opinion, but not everyone stands up for pizza the way Chief Chen Etherberg did. We at RKFDnews want to thank the Chief for a job well done in service of the community. His love of local and chain pizzas matched that of ours, and that’s our kind of guy.

Who doesn’t love pizza? We’ll tell you: That one guy who does karate. He operates The Voice of Our Community’s Bowel Movements at Rock River Times. That guy.

Want to know who else doesn’t love pizza?  Everyone at the Rockford Register Star.  They love Cheap Truck, not pizza. So much so that a feature article on Robin Zander’s reconstructed plastic tonsils is being composed right now for Friday’s Go Section. Yep, or something like that.

From us to you, Chief Chen, congratulations on your retirement and eventual escape from Rockford to New Orleans, Louisiana. Or anywhere away from here. Lucky!  We would love to retire and leave, too. Seriously, but we can’t afford to. We’re not teachers, nurses, or state workers. We’ll be unemployed or taking on four side jobs with no benefits until we die because we invested in our future.  It’s not here.  Our entire staff has checked out already. We’re hanging around, you know, trolling Facebook, waiting for the delivery guy.

Bye bye, pizza pizza.

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