Rascal To Open New Dealership And Repair Center In Rockford, IL

Rascal To Open New Dealership And Repair Center In Rockford, IL

Rockford area Rascal riding local stops for morning beers and crackers before cruising home.

Rockford, ILRascal, the industry leader in motorized wheel chairs, has decided to open a sales and repair facility in downtown Rockford. The company is already rolling on plans to get the dealership up and running by spring of 2013 as they anticipate a steady increase in customers going in to the summer.

“It’s simply a case of demand,” said Ron Busnick, VP of marketing for the company. “Rascals have caught on in a big way in the Rockford market and  we are missing out on profits by not having a sales and repair location in the downtown area.” Since 2006 there has been a steady increase in usage around the metro Rockford area. Rascal users can be see every day; happily making their way around the downtown area taking care of their business.

“I can hit Burger King,  cash advance and visit my best friend Ruthie in the Faust building all without getting up!” Said Rascal user Velma Jefferson, 45. Velma has had her rascal for 3 years and says its been the best 3 years of her life. “I was just so tired of walking around. When I found out about Rascals low-interest payment program, I just had to do it. No more wear and tear on the legs. I just move my wrist and go.”

The new state of the art facility will feature a full service repair department that will handle service requests. As the market continues to flood with new and used Rascals there will be a demand for repair. The rough roads and sidewalks in downtown can be hard on motorized wheels chairs. Litter, road kill  and other general debris can cause issues.

“We have found that most people who are in rascals have very little motivation to solve problems theirselves, which is why a repair facility is warranted,” said head rascal mechanic, Steve Cray. “Often it’s just a very simple fix; a McDonalds bag stuck in the chassis or soda spilled on the electronics. Often we can make this fall under the warranty umbrella and everyone rolls away happy without getting out their wallet.”

The new business should add upwards to 6 new jobs in the downtown and put about 750 new and used Rascals on the streets within a year.

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