Robert “Bob” Redcast


Robert Redcast rode the great escalator into the sky  Thursday Sept.13 Bob was born in Rockford Il in January 1951. He grew up in Byron and graduated from Rockford College. Bob was a CPA and practiced as a financial advisor at Merrill Streep Lynchberg…

His friends and family remember his joy of living,drinking in bars,wonderful good humor and loving,mediocre intelligence, and that he was always seeking new adventures -raising vietnamese fighting pigs,bike riding in Rock Cut Park,bear wrestling,collecting frog magnets and other daring, arduous or difficult activities.Bob was also an integral part of getting “Symbol” moved from downtown to its current location near the river.”Bob thought Symbol was ugly ,an eyesore” said his wife Roberta.Roberts headstone will read “Here lies Robert Redcast I moved the Symbol kiss my ass” Bob’s death was peaceful, and attended by his wife and father.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in his name to:

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