Rockford Saves Childless Lady From Car Fire

Rockford Saves Childless Lady From Car Fire

map_of_rockford_ilRockford, Illinois – Nancy Gerner, 17, Rockford, IL,  wrote and wanted us to share her inspiring story about her beloved city with us.

“After losing my baby, I lost thebelief that Rockford protects me. I had actual fear b/c of it. I was just hit head-on, and my large car crumbled, the airbags went off and I was in shock. I don’t even know what happened. I lost consciousness for a few minutes and awoke to the car alarm going off, glass all over me and smoke suffocating me.


I couldn’t get my door open; I was stuck. “Rockford help me, Rockford  help me,” I said. That door moved more and more as I said that. I even pushed it with my feet. One more “Rockford help me,” and I was out. The door closed behind me


The fire trucks came, and the guys ran toward the car screaming the lyrics to the Grim Reaper song See you in Hell and swinging  the “jaws of life.” around their heads  They were trying to get the door open but could not so they started shooting the door hinges with the new guns issued to them. The car was darkened with smoke. They didn’t know I was out. Watching and wondering what they were doing, I walked over and said, “I’m out!” It caused major confusion.


“How did you get out?” said one bewildered volunteer fireman.


I told them that “I couldn’t at first, but then I called on Rockford and kept calling and kept calling… and Rockford helped me get out.” It didn’t make sense that the door was then closed, and they couldn’t reopen it.


The fireman started dancing around me in a small circle singing Hootie and the Blowfish songs and crying it was a beautiful day.


Do you have an inspiring story? Who cares.

– Jay Vannigan

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