Releases “Mugshots” Theme Song, Locals Upset That It’s Not Sung By Cheap Truck Releases “Mugshots” Theme Song, Locals Upset That It’s Not Sung By Cheap Truck

RKFD-MugshotsRockford, IL –  The famous regional website,, hired Derby | Reynolds – THE WAL-MART OF ADVERTISING™, to compose and record a theme song to release to the world wide internet earlier this week. The song “Rockford Mugshots Theme” was the only song selected out of eighteen other demos that were not written by hometown heros, Cheap Truck.  Our staff has been singing it all morning while browsing through, one of our favorite websites to visit everyday.  Listen below.


Sean Lippy, I.T. Administrator at Derby | Reynolds, composed “Rockford Mugshots Theme” song. The selection trumped 18 demos submitted by Rockford local favorites, Cheap Truck.

The decision to go with the controversial song written by Derby | Reynolds’ in-house I.T. Administrator, Sean Lippy, upset many community locals who have become used to having the local RACTB (City’s Tourism bureau) and their marketing firm of choice, Graham Crackers, pooping Cheap Truck songs and public endorsements down our necks after ripping off our heads with another marketing campaign aimed at making us feel better or proud, or something.  We don’t know.

Local nail technician, Lance Berrington, commented on the facebook thing, “wtf dreem polease by cheap truck is the only song for this is not fair my mommy make me cookies”.  Kristina Snodly tweeted over there on that other useless website, twitter, “#cheaptruck 4 eva rkfdmug shot song suckz #tacobell”.  Snodly can be found under the twitter handle, @K_Snod. Twitt her to share your emotions on the internet, Rockford.

Lord Thomas Derby, the CEO and LORD of ALL at Derby | Reynolds, told us, “Sean Lippy writes beautiful love songs for Schaumburg, IL businesses that we use in commercial campaigns for radio and TV.  It was a no brainer to go with my boy, Lippy.  We monster buck hunt in the fall while plotting new marketing strategeries to help the Rockford region feel less miserable.  I want to thank God above for the opportunity to help produce a theme song for that the entire village can party to in the YOU$A™ this summer.”

You will learn more when we know less.

– George Brawn


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