Strong, Local, Women Giving Birth Alone

Strong, Local, Women Giving Birth Alone

L to R: Robin Swanson and her trainer, Tim, work on some last minute details before solo birthing her newborn son, Chad. Robin’s boyfriend, Franklin, fled after finding out Robin was pregnant. Tim is a good man.

Rockford, IL – Robin Swanson, 36, knew she was strong woman.  She worked out with a personal trainer for 13 years before she met Franklin Murski.  She and Frank dated for 3 months before she got pregnant, and then Frank did what many Rockford area men do, he left. “Poof!  Gone.”

Robin had heard the stories from other local women who got pregnant with “guys like Frank.”  They warned her each week leading up to the birth of her child, Chad Swanson.  “My friends at the gym, Quintana and Laurie, told me about their children and how hard it was to give birth alone because each of them had a few ‘Franks’ in their lives,” as she laughs.

“Laurie has 3 kids and Quintana has 5. All with a few different fathers who left the picture… gone!  Poof.” Robin was prepared because Franklin was not coming back and she knew it.  “This is my first. I think it’s a blessing,” as she pauses to look at her trainer, Tim, and smiles, “Yes, this is a good thing.”

Tim has been Robin’s personal trainer for a very long time and knows her better than most men, including her girlfriends.  “Robin is a very strong woman.  I made her this way for a few reasons.  I knew a long time ago that I would never be able to get her pregnant without running away myself.  As a man, I understand why Franklin ran.  I met him, he seemed smart, well-educated, no job.  I know how hard it is for smart men in Rockford to get jobs.  Their animal instinct is to run the moment their mate says they’re pregnant.  Lucky for him and their newborn, Chad, I prepared Robin for the weakest moments in life, including wedlock.  I truly love her and can’t wait to get her back in the gym in a few weeks.”

Robin agrees, “Tim is amazing.  I love him dearly.  I love working out with him and can’t wait to get back in the gym. He has no idea yet, but I know he’s going to be an amazing father.”

Robin looks to the bright side  with her newborn son, Chad, as many Rockford women do, and will continue to do.

If anyone sees Franklin Murski, please tell him that Robin gave birth to his son, Chad.  We know that missing fathers prefer sons over daughters, so please, if you find him, contact us at:  [email protected]


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