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Ron Kites’ Best of Rockford 2013

Hello, everyone.  I’m Ron Kites and it’s been another great year for Rockford.  Here are are my top two Best of Rockford 2013 awards. Best Rockford Cafes of 2013: All of the Starbucks located within a 4 mile radius on

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Cheerleader Rallies #3 Most Miserably Funny City

Rockford, IL – Rockford cheerleader Pawla Careola led her team to the World University Cheerleading Championship in Arizona recently. She brought home two sexy trophies with her after reading something miserably funny about Rockford of Illinois that hurt her hometown’s

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Rubio Gains 2013 Rockford Mayor Bid But Loses 2016 Presidential Bid

Rockford, IL – Some good news and bad news happened tonight to Senator Rubio on national TV. During the Republican’t party’s response to our Pretendsident, who is from Illinois (the least corrupt state ever), Rubio suffered from extreme cotton mouth

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