THE SILENT SIREN™ – The Risks of Becoming a Meddling Local Artist

THE SILENT SIREN™ – The Risks of Becoming a Meddling Local Artist


Dear Rockford, 

Hello, I am your editor and Chief, Tchad Beale.  This message begins a series on called, “The Silent Siren.”™  I will take the time once in a dark moon to discuss some thoughts with you.  Today’s topic is about local artists meddling with politicians. Feel free to comment below and take care.

Meddling artists are today’s topic, the local kind.  There are risks involved with becoming a meddling local artist and here are a few.

It would be in local artists’ best interests to not meddle with the politicians and local activists’ socio-psychological marketing initiatives to sell and present philanthropic ideas with their craft. The tradeoffs are the loss of respect and the limiting of your work to be being trapped in the box (locally).

Segregating ideas, voices, actions from expressing all shades of life outside of the box (elsewhere) is dangerous.  Look at Carrot Top, Peter Max, and Tyler Perry for example.   They are very popular in Rockford of IL because they meddle with amateur minds.  Do you want to be the next Tyler Perry or Carrot Top? Maybe the local artist does.

You will be pigeon-holed by not exploring every shade and tone of life.  Everything transforms to a middle gray area when you ignore the darks with the lights, the positives with the negatives, the angry and right with the nice and the wrong.

The neutral zone is risky.  This is where the amateurs feel the safest.

Meddling willingly with safe gray tones and safe positively skewed creative messages are limited, and ultimately limit the artist. (Congratulations, the soccer moms and local churches love your work, but your peers aren’t paying attention.) Becoming a mere 33% of the artist one deserves to be occurs when scumbags in Bergners suits and sales sluts in hooker boots dictate your ideas for the community’s acceptance.

Local artists should strive to be different than the majority; to be exceptional, revered, and to revolt against amateurs with every realized idea that challenges the norm.  The norm is all around us.  They’re our leaders, neighbors, and sadly, their children.  They are the majority present and they can not transform their own ideas into actions let alone the future of a poor town into a proud city.  This is your warning, local artists.  WE ARE THE FUTURE and  y’all are f*cked.


You will read more when you hear less,™

Chief Tchad Beale

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