The Silent Siren™ – Stephen Baldwin and Kickstarter, Thank You For The Nail That’s Hitting Another Nail in Our Rockford Cross!

The Silent Siren™ – Stephen Baldwin and Kickstarter, Thank You For The Nail That’s Hitting Another Nail in Our Rockford Cross!


Rockford, IL – As reported by the Rockford Register Star and WIFR, Stephen Baldwin is scheduled to star in a faith based sitcom about a pastor who inherits a bar– in Rockford. We wish this was a story we could’ve made up at, but it’s not.  To top it off, the sitcom’s creator, Darren Marlar, is a Rockford native who moved here 10 years ago to work in Christian radio production. He is also running a Kickstarter to pay for the production for the pilot episode to pitch to major networks, insurance, wages, SAG rates, and oh my God, so many dollars they have not accounted for with a $50k budget Kickstarter goal.

According to the RRStar, “Darren Marlar of Loves Park is the main man behind the Kickstarter campaign fundraiser and auditions for “Rock and a Hard Place.””  Take a peak below and read more:

This story seems far too good to be true, and thankfully it is. Here are some thoughts to unload.

This is another entertaining, embarrassing, amateur-esque footnote for Rockford. Another online fundraiser on behalf of entertainment that is bereft of class; this is not for charity. It’s to pay bills to produce work which most qualified professional artists have figured out how to do without expecting the community to pay for their dream project. The other problem with film-based Kickstarter projects like this is that they rarely live up to their promises based on amateur goals and leadership.

What’s worse about Kickstarter projects like the Baldwin driven sitcom that’s featured above is that it’s an offense to professional actors and artists already in this region who are struggling to work here every day, while driving in and out of Chicago for auditions and a paycheck that arrives 30-90 days later. For them to continue to observe a region that prefers to support the most amateur productions in broad daylight is the cherry on their Rockford flavored cream. (There’s been more than a few amateur productions, but that’s another article.) 

As for the community’s participation in supporting amateur projects with their money, it’s not their fault that they don’t know the incredible differences between professionally trained commercial actors and productions (Artists Ensemble), and community actors (Starlight, any comedy troupe around here, mall church productions, etc.). Part of that is the media’s fault, and our own cultural influences.  If we’re continuously surrounded by mediocre, amateur productions and events, that’s what our society is conditioned to enjoy.

It’s very sad that most of you are uncultured and unexceptional, but my staff forgives you. It’s not your fault.

We hope this sitcom gets made because it’s too funny to be true. It’s as if my staff made it up to make you laugh, but nope.  A true noose breaker, and another nail hitting another nail in our Rockford coffin;  or, is it our cross to bear?  Who cares!  A nation of humorists awaits another few laughs at our community’s pathetic expense. (That’s what we’re hoping for.) You will definitely read more when we hear less.™ 

The silent siren™,

Chief Tchad Beale

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