Two Turkeys Mating Stops Traffic, Again

Two Turkeys Mating Stops Traffic, Again

Two Turkeys Mating in Rockford, IL Stopped Traffic Agan

Rockford, IL – Traffic came to a sudden halt, again, at the 4500 block of Spring Creek Road as two wild turkeys decided to take turns riding each other. Turkey experts were on the scene in seconds to declare the act, “another act of love.”

Our in house “Road Chief,” Annie Littlefeather, happened to be on the scene, too. “Rockford traffic is really going to the birds, again.  I have to deal with these God D__n turkeys everyday. And if it’s not the turkeys, it’s the dead rabbits and brave squirrels. Come on.” said Annie, poignantly.

Another motorist, Bruce Seger from Loves Park, was heard shouting out the window of his delivery truck, “Wait till Thanksgiving, little birdies– Bob and I will exact our revenge! Y’all know how my brother is when he comes to town, you little f_____s!”

The “affair” between the two turkeys was brief and traffic was able to continue after a short time, again.

If anyone sees two animals making love in public, anywhere in the world, not just in poor places like Rockford, IL, please email us about the incident ASAP:
[email protected] 

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