Discover Yourself Museum Opens New Math Exhibit, Confuses Everyone

Discover Yourself Museum Opens New Math Exhibit, Confuses Everyone

ROCKFORD — Discover Yourself  Museum will celebrate it’s new permanent exhibition, “Figure Out the Square Root of Everything!”, with a grand opening from 11 to 6 p.m., on Sunday.

“Figure Out the Square Root of Everything!”, was designed for children with inept elderly Rockford minds that still have a grasp on financial realities and the results that sprout, or are bred, from many bad, drunken late-night decisions that are made with clothes off.  Mathematical decisions that are made emotionally, vs. logically. The exhibit is wonderful though;  it consists of activity centers that encourages guests to “play with math,” to develop their skills in counting, arithmetic, and sub-standard trigonometry. Guests can also measure quilt and tile patterns, and  identify four mystery shadow shapes.

This exhibit is meant to confuse, bewilder, excite, attract opposite minds, bodies, and to perplex. “As if math is not confusing enough, we thought we would really make you hate it even more,”  says Discover Yourself Museum’s coordinator, Jusile Jergen.  Games like “Timmy Tiger had many hungry children to feed on Thanksgiving Day.”  A local woman, Sally Feltboots told us she caught “169 Africans, 526 Americans and 196 Indians!”  She then divided the ‘people’ she caught in the game, equally, into 9 enormous ovens to bake. “How many desperate people were in each oven?” we asked Sally.  She answered, “Who knows! 132?  Does it matter?  I won a cotton candy prize from the Discovery Yourself Museum for my 4 children!”

The exhibit hopes to encourage people like Sally, who has created 4 children herself, to use better math skills after playing games like “Timmy Tiger’s ThanksGiving Day,” but we here at have some suspicions that people–particulary, parents of children who are visiting the Museum– are too confused by the math exhibit.

Contact us if you have a suggestions for improving math skills in people like Sally at:  [email protected]


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