Severe Thunderstorm Warning In Effect, Arks on Standby

Severe Thunderstorm Warning In Effect, Arks on Standby

Damaging winds and rain are rapidly making their way through the Rockford region.  The National Weather Service has issued a “Severe Thunderstorm Warning” until 4:00 pm.  Readers should be wary of large hail, damaging wind, flooded roadways, and strong lightning.  Flooding should be kept to a minimum due to the new levy system built near the airport.  Other areas should not worry either due to the amount of litter left out and about that will soak up the extra water.

RPS 205 has decided to release students early due to the emotional threat that severe weather patterns cause with their abilities to focus on math and science.  Since most parents were not notified, children were given ponchos, cookies, and a subdermal tracking device for their walk home.  Noah and Jonathan’s Arks are on stand-by on both sides of the river.  Please call the RPS switchboard at (815) 968-3000 for further information and tracking info about your child’s whereabouts.


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