Unemployed Engineer Wakes Up From Dream To Share It With Internet

Unemployed Engineer Wakes Up From Dream To Share It With Internet

Ronald Donaldson Dreams Of Being a Pony While Riding With Sophia Loren In Kentucky

Rockford , IL – Local unemployed engineer, Ronald Donaldson, emailed RKFDNews.com about a dream he had this morning – that he also shared with his friend’s friends on facebook – that he now wants to share with all of us.  Thank you, Mr. Donaldson, for sharing your dream with us. Read below for his transcript.

“Dear RKFD News,

I was afraid to share my dream I had last night until I saw one of my friend’s facebook statuses – on my phone, in bed. My facebook friend, Chad Stevenson said, “No one cares anymore,” to 3,418 of his facebook friends.  I was one of those 3,418 friends who wanted to reach through my motorola smart phone with my hands and arms to break through his iPhone screen and hug him for 5 seconds. But, I couldn’t. I felt extreme loneliness and couldn’t move my head from my pillow,  for I, too, had awakened feeling like no one cared anymore.

 I had a dream and I wanted to share it with Chad and his facebook friends so that they didn’t feel so alone. This was the dream I had and shared with Chad and his friends on Facebook this morning:

I awoke at 6am from a heated situation. It was 1959 and the fields were green. My view from the stable was secured, I couldn’t move well but could swivel my head around to see I was surrounded by ponies, cows, llamas, and horses. I didn’t realize that I too was a pony until a very young Sophia Loren appeared in front of me in a pink bikini, slapping me and saying, “You are a naughty pony. NAUGHTY!” She slapped me good while I stared ahead o’er the fields of green


I wanted to ride, bad. Sophia must’ve wanted to ride me, too. Once she was done slapping me like the naughty pony she said I was, she caressed my face and whispered softly, “You have been a very naughty pony, but it’s time to make you a horsey. Let’s ride.”


Sophia opened the gate and I walked forward as she led me to a pail of oats. I asked her for some milk and she said, “No, not before we ride.” She threw on a harness and some other horse stuff I don’t know the name of. I remember her removing her sunglasses from her head to shake her beautiful hair in the wind while she put them on over her eyes. The sun was piercing through her dark strands, a glow of green from the fields behind her warming my pony senses.


Ms. Loren, still in her pink bikini, jumped on top of me and whipped me, screaming at me, “Rise, pony, rise! It is time to make you a man!” And so we rode, off into the fields of green o’er yonder until I came up over a hill and saw a Road Ranger gas station.


I remember shrieking and stopping to a halt as Sophia went flying from my back, pink bikini, bottoms up in the air– and then, sadly, waking up.

It was then I read your status update, Chad. To everyone and Chad, I care.

Your facebook friend, 



If you have dreams you’d like to share with us and all of your friends’ friends on facebook, please contact us:  [email protected]

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