2012 Heart of Rockford Awards – Nominees and Predictions

2012 Heart of Rockford Awards – Nominees and Predictions

2012 Heart of Rockford AwardsThe nominees are ready to accept their hearts if Rockford’s popular, progressive, downtown city organization, River District, is ready to give them new hearts during their 2012 Awards ceremony tomorrow night in scenic, downtown Rockford, IL!  We will be there to cover the story, don’t worry.  Winners will be announced on Friday.

What will happen to the old hearts of local nominees who win new special Rockford hearts?  Transplants, of course.

Old hearts of the nominees that win the prestigious Heart of Rockford Award will be transplanted to major cities that are on stand-by to make better use of those old hearts– that they will finally be paid for in jobs, health insurance and pay checks that arrive on time every two weeks. Here are your nominees and our predictions for who will win a new heartand who won’t–in the 5 categories that the judges (Rockford’s wise men who bear gifts of gold, franks and cents, and myrrh) will decide from:

  • Art Scene – Festival/Special Event that attracts many people with very little money to spend on art, that they’d rather spend at bars on pitchers of beer after looking at pretty pictures.
  • Bella Luna
  • David Beccue and Valeri DeCastris
  • Beverly Broyles
  • City Body Shop
  • District Bar & Grill – New Business that will most likely attract the worst kinds of people to get drunk and commit crimes on any random Friday and Saturday night, but, will stick around because it’s backed by a regional power player, one of our 5 real-estate czars.
  • Lloyd and Diane Koch
  • Pablo Korona – Individual guaranteed to move to another city for a job that pays for his skilled time and professional marketing efforts by the beginning of 2013. 
  • Mosaic Film Project
  • Nadi – Commitment by a Business – another local ad firm that has set it’s goals on taking tax payer’s city government spent marketing dollars from KMKMedia and Graham Spencer in 2013.
  • PR Etc. – Commitment by a Business by default, they decide who gets what with the help of city government / tax-payer dollars for marketing budgets, tbough, no one would ever admit it out loud.
  • Rockford Art Deli
  • Pamela Schallhorn
  • Screw City Beer Festival
  • Vintage @ 501
  • WilliamsMcCarthy – Residential/Commercial Renovation or New Construction – by default, they win this Heart because local business savior, political lobbyist, and commercial real estate mogul, Sunil Puri, is already silently winning RKFDNews’ prediction for an award on pulling off a Historic TIF district property tax exemption for his nephew’s new business, District Bar And Grill.

We can’t wait to see how right we are, can you wait?  We’ll be there covering the event.  More Friday!

Click here to buy tickets and learn more about the event.



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