Black SUV Parks Itself At Martin Park

Black SUV Parks Itself At Martin Park

Martin Park: Kenneth and his friends were partying when they spotted the Black SUV

Last night around 11:37pm at Martin Park, a black SUV was seen driving very slowly on the bike path.  A few witnesses were partying and drinking cans of beer nearby in the woods when the estranged vehicle made it’s appearance.  According to Kenneth and his friends (all under-age, we can not report their last names), it was so suspicious that they had to call immediately to report the SUV.

“IT was like gosh dang space ship floating down the path.  It came outta no where man.  My boy, Twando, was like, ‘what the hell is that, yo? Talk about a buzz kill,” said the startled Ken.

Police and ILUFOI (Illinois UFO Investigators) reps were on the scene within the hour.  By the time they arrived, the black SUV had parked itself, turned off it’s lights, and sat there.  The witnesses were able to clean up their party mess and hide the trash before help arrived.

No driver has been reported inside of the Black SUV.  Terry Fromstonb, an ILUFOI agent, says, “We’ve been tracking a series of Black SUVs this year all over Illinois, driving themselves, parking themselves, without drivers. Strange.  These are not your usual unidentifiable flying objects because we know what make and model they are, plus, they can’t fly.”

Anyone who sees Black SUVs driving and parking themselves needs to contact us at RKDNews immediately:
[email protected]

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