Homeless Man Deciphers Rockford Scanner Message

Homeless Man Deciphers Rockford Scanner Message

RockfordScanner.com reported tonight on their Facebook page, “Someone on a boat screaminf fior help. Sounds like its near sinnissippi”.  After spending hours trying to correct their spelling and decipher their message, we’ve been tipped off by a local homeless person who emailed us from his laptop before he takes a nap under the Whitman St. bridge that, “I was sleeping in a beautiful docked boat when I woke up from a nightmare.  In my dream there was talk of the economy improving soon.  I woke up screaming for help, obviously.  However, I had blown my cover.  There goes a nice night of sleep.  I’ve relocated to the Whitman St. bridge.  Found myself a warm box but boats sure do make good beds on chilly nights.”

UPDATE:  As of this morning, we believe Rockford Scanner has taken down their original post because they were so embarrassed by their misspellings, or an inaccurate report they made to rile up the locals once more.

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