Can a man do martial arts and fight wearing high heels?

Can a man do martial arts and fight wearing high heels?

_65446103_53180935Vicki Kumplerstach Loves Park—–It’s possible, but without special training he’s likely to break an ankle.

I’ve practiced several forms of combat, including kenpo karate, eye gouging,street fighting, and kendo. While I’m not going to NOT defend myself just because I’m wearing heels, I’d slip them off if I could. (Of course, if I’m wearing boots or strappy sandals that may not be possible.) High heels shift your center of gravity in awkward ways, and generally have less surface area to land on than a bare foot, making the likelihood of landing incorrectly much higher, unless you’ve spent some time actually practicing in that particular pair of shoes. Also, most martial arts teach that a kick leads with the ball of the foot–a striking surface harder to utilize when the foot is bent at an extreme angle.

High heels do have an advantage in a fight–anyone getting a stiletto heel in the face or the top of his foot is going to remember it.

Darlene Cherriesnatch Machesney Park—-I’m sure if the man was very coordinated and practiced a lot, they could do this. Although, it’s not likely that anyone can do martial arts in heels. Fighting involves a lot of moving around and probably a great amount of kicking. This would be hard to do in heels because heels would slow you down and increase the chances of hurting your foot/ankle.

Bill Deriskall Rockford——

Two men one barefoot one in high heels

Setting: On the beach

They both would die at the same time.

Barefoot man would obviously have the advantage b/c you can’t walk well on sand when your wearing high heels.

Barefoot man would wait for high heeled man to get his heels stuck in the sand, then he would pick up some sand between his toes that have not been washed in years & toss the sand in high heeled mans eyes!

High heeled man would fall back & as he falls he would kick barefoot man in the chest with is high heels.

Barefoot man dies of a massive chest wound. High heeled man dies from the acid/infected sand that was thrown in his eyes & quickly contaminates his brain

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