City Board Meetings Resume

City Board Meetings Resume
Rockford Board Meetings Resumed After Election to Drink Coffee and Talk and Celebrate More Mediocrity

Rockford Board Meetings Resumed After Election to Drink Coffee and Talk and Celebrate More Mediocrity

Rockford, IL – Rockford area citizens went about life as they always do exactly 24 hours after a city election was decided by 22% of it’s registered voting population.  78% of the registered voting population didn’t even know what hit them when they went back to work, bar, or the bed. Some of the 78% and most of the 22% headed to another board meeting to drink coffee and resume their lives.

Mayor Barry Morrisson celebrated with his supporters by doing as he always does, which is what his supporters do too–meet and drink coffee all day in downtown Rockford and talk about all the work that needs to be done.

Other City related Board meetings resumed all day and into the night.  Everyone discussed more discussions to have tomorrow.  A decision was made to continue planning grand ideas that no one can pay for on through the night and the week, until next week and the week after, all year, for years.  A decision was made to discuss how to pay for the work by shrugging it off on the state, or you to worry about later after the board meetings end and the coffee runs out.

Coffee was served.  It always is; and everyone congratulated each other on a wonderful job.

We don’t have board meetings to discuss work because we do work without running it by 8 -16 people who intend to waste more time and coffee.  Time is not money in Rockford, it is another board meeting to avoid how to make money to pay for work.

You’ll know more when we know less.™  Everyday.

Theodore Lepolli

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