Dixon Man Fired After Working Hard & Long For 22 Years

Dixon Man Fired After Working Hard & Long For 22 Years

What happens in Dixon, gets lost in Dixon. Marko Dontaglio, a state employee, worked his butt off for 22 years, to lose his job. Meanwhile, the town looks for the missing $53 million dollars.

Dixon, IL – Marko Dontaglio, veteran janitor and state employee, worked his butt off for 22 years at Dixon City Hall.  Dontaglio was greeted with walking papers late last week.

Agitated and seeking answers, he was told, “You are an amazing worker, Mr. Dontaglio. You worked very hard for a very long time.  The floors, bathrooms, our offices are spotless and smell wonderful day after day– but, for the most part, you just don’t fit in with that kind of work ethic around here. Our comptroller spent 2 decades trying to figure out why you’re so happy making so little. We’re sorry, and times are tough. You may have heard we’re missing 53 million dollars.  We have to make some cuts.  We’re sorry, Marko.  You’re a good man.”

Dontaglio was shocked, telling RKFDnews.com, “I don’t know what I did wrong, if anything?  I don’t have a horse collecting hobby.  I barely have $5.00 to my name after 22 years, but I love my job.  This is a tragedy. I can’t live without this job at this age.  I would do anything to keep it.  I would do anything to help them find the missing 53 million dollars.  I would work for free if they asked me.”

Dontaglio has 2 kids and a beautiful wife, Nella.  The very sexy Mrs. Dontaglio was reached for a comment, “My neighbor Julie works for Chase Bank and they fired her because her drawer was short $20.00 one day.  They found the $20 stuck between a few other bills the next day and tried to rehire her but they never apologized, so Julie is unemployed, too.  Maybe Marko, her, and I will start a horse collecting hobby to kill the time for awhile.  I know our city’s leaders somehow lost track of 53 million dollars, where Marko used to work so hard every day, but Dixon, IL, is a wonderful place for horses!”

The Dontaglios and Julie are looking to the bright side of unemployment and will be seeking financial backing for their small business endeavors starting tomorrow.  “It’s America!  Anything is possible. What can I do? Forghettobowtit, know what I mean?! I can sit around and cry about the wonderful job I lost or I can start my own business like a man so I can help recover all that missing money my city’s leaders lost track of,” said a hopeful, Marko Dontaglio.

In 2004, one of our staff members lost a job one day and drove out to Dixon, IL to celebrate with friends there. He thinks he lost a $10.00 bill at Wiseguy’s Sportsbar and Deli.  The $10 dollar bill has a cartoon of a doggie on it.  If anyone finds it, please contact our staff at:  [email protected]

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