Downtown’s Crown Jewel, Coronado Theater, Continues To Host Town Forums Instead of Events That Attract Out-of-Towners To Spend Money In Rockford

Downtown’s Crown Jewel, Coronado Theater, Continues To Host Town Forums Instead of Events That Attract Out-of-Towners To Spend Money In Rockford

RockfordIL_CoronadoRockford, IL – Downtown Rockford’s crown jewel, Coronado Theater, continues to host local prep rallies versus events that bring people in from all over to spend their money in Rockford. Thursday night’s event, “Transform Rockford” (another pride thing to make Rockford feel better about talking more about fixing what they can’t), is the most recent event to cause head scratches, laughter, and bad gas.  Oh, the irony is so deep.  To hold a pep rally in the crown jewel of Rockford on a Thursday night in 2013 in so pathetic.  The Coronado is the most underused and poorly booked theater in the midwest.

We ask the eternal questions once more:

  • Why isn’t the Coronado booked every Thursday night through Saturday night with concerts, performances, and other scheduled events aimed at attracting  all demographics between here and Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago, and the Quad Cities?
  • Is it simply because of poor leadership, culture less planners and coffee drinking board members who like to hear each other talk? Do they not pay attention to other successful venues, like the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee?
  • Are those running the operation so out of touch with music, theater, comedy, movies?
  • Why do we hear about events being held at the Coronado on the day of or 9 months in advance–and only if we read the poorly presented RRStar and RRTimes?
  • Where is the marketing for events?  Who is running that show?
  • It’s 2013 for Christ’s sake, we receive event emails from the Vic and Pabst theaters everyday– where ya at, Coronado?! Sleeping in, Rockford style?

coronado-performing-artsWe answer the eternal questions once more:

As long as those in charge continue to talk, not listen, and fail those who have offered assistance to plan events, it will continue to be the most underused and poorly booked theater in the midwest.  It gets what it works for:  Local pep rallies and Rockford Symphony performances that no one outside of downtown knows exists aside from elitist hillbillies and wanna-be artists who hang out at Wired and Octane acting important, meddling with politicians.

Don’t believe us?  Pick any random day (except Sunday and Saturday because no one works downtown at those hours due to hangovers) at 11am-1pm and hit each location for a trip into the bees nest.  What a pathetic, all-talk, no action city.  The Coronado is a victim of the downtown, elitist, revitalize it mentality.

The Coronado will never work like it should until it pays attention to it’s peers and how they operate.  Seriously– y’all are lazy, conservative and unwilling to take chances.  You, the crown jewel, are a perfect match for Rockford’s stubborn pride.

It’s sad, really.  To have this crown jewel and to have once enjoyed it oh so long ago when people did come downtown to see movies, concerts, performances on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons.

Enjoy your pep rallies, coffee, talking, and less action but go f*ck yourselves once again, Rockford, because this whole shebang about talking nice about what’s wrong with Rockford is not working.  It’s time for people to get angry, give a f*ck for once, yell back at the leaders hosting these hoity toity town forums and positivity initiatives.

You will learn more when we know less.™

– Chief Tchad Beale


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