Every One Of You Is A Local Hero For Living Here

Every One Of You Is A Local Hero For Living Here

September Letter From The Editor’s Desk

We are here every day to tell you your stories. This is your city, your stories. Not ours, we’re just observers and messengers. Linda from Freeport emailed us to say, “You are the darkest angels with the brightest halos, fly high for Illinois.”  We have no idea what Linda is implying, angels aren’t real and neither are halos.

Remember that when your mommy, daddy, boss, community prophets and aldermen gets angry with us and calls us salty names like, “OMG they like be so negative and stuff, I like angels, whatev.”

Wrong, we are here to share the golden light inside each and every one of you. You have it. Your city and your stories are inside each and every one of you. If you can’t find it, we will and we will share it because you are a hero, too. You wait and watch, you listen and you will read your story here, first.

We’d love to hear your amazing story. Did you say hello to a homeless person today without offering change because your shoes are worse than their shoes? Did you let a child wander into the middle of the street without honking, but you stopped which still saved their life– and you wish you would have honked or, at least, flipped the child off? Think about it, you have a story.

It’s your cities, your stories. We’re talking to you, too, South Beloit. You’re one of yours, not us. Each of you has an amazing story, and we know it. We believe in each and every one of you to make a difference with the golden lights inside each of your dark bellies. We are your voices when you are afraid to talk about being a hero.

All of you are heroes for living here. Don’t forget that. Share this with everyone, today. Find their golden light for us so that we can share it with everyone in the universe that exists outside of this place.

Peace be with you and also with us,


If you want to be a local hero, or you have a golden light inside of you that needs to be found, email us at: [email protected] 

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