Happy 1-Year Anniversary to RKFDNews.com

Happy 1-Year Anniversary to RKFDNews.com


September 11th, 2013

Dear Rockford, IL, and beyond.

We want to share something worthy of your attention on our 1-Year Anniversary.  A year spent breaking the noose for you for free.  No Kickstarter campaign, no broken promises or begging to help us produce work for you to enjoy for free.  Nothing.  No special trips to London to represent your poor, pathetic, corrupt and ego-driven city.  Nope.  We want to say something proud for you to carry in your hearts instead of on your chest with a T-shirt.  We want to say something that’s proud and dramatic.  Something that’s worthy of being Rockford Dramatic. We want to make you Rockford Proud. We want to say something proud, dramatic, cheap (no Kickstarter) and hopeful to you like “Our City Our Story”, all Rockford T-shirt companies, poor artists, or “Rockford Scanner”  would say to you on the intardenet.

We want everyone to Get Rockforded™ so we will keep it at this:

You’re welcome.

Now go on out there on our special birthday and give a shit for us!

Get Rockforded™,

Chief Tchad Beale and the Entire RKFDNEWS.com Staff


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