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Letter From The Editor: This Is Exactly How RKFDnews Began With Nothing to Become a Big Nothing To Break The Noose in a Poor Old American City like The Rockford of Illinois

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June 19th, 2014 The Rockford is filled with local makers and wonderful stories about how we’ve risen above the ashes of the late 70s and early 80s recession to prosper throughout the 2000’s recession.  I am fortunate to have a valuable

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Letter From The Editor: We Are Not The Onion and We Own A Yacht

Hello, it’s me again.  I’m writing to you from a yacht off the coast of the Cayman Islands that Linda and I live on during these long, cold midwestern winters.  It’s so warm here, and the people are nice, healthy,

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Happy 1-Year Anniversary to RKFDNews.com

September 11th, 2013 Dear Rockford, IL, and beyond. We want to share something worthy of your attention on our 1-Year Anniversary.  A year spent breaking the noose for you for free.  No Kickstarter campaign, no broken promises or begging to

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A Letter From Our Editor, Tchad: RKFDNews Reveals Evil Debts Plan

Rockford, IL – Debt is evil and we here at RKFDNews.com have shared plenty of it with you since beginning this new adventure a year ago.  There’s been a plan all along, you see.  Goals rooted in making money; real,

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