Human Traffic Rising

Human Traffic Rising

Rockford, IL – RKFDP (Rockford Dream Police) got a fancy report from the Bureau Of Free Labor that explained

The report told at least three cases of people being trafficked for illegal sense of hope and security donations but they were detected and stopped before the donations were carried out. One involved the planned sale of a victim’s dreams and aspirations.

The report also said there had been an increase in the number of children being forced into labor, including stealing dignity and forcing them into running machines that make a product called Gloom a substance that is pumped into the air via reverse osmosis. The Child Exploitation Coalition For Infants and Toddlers Ages 4- 12 estimates there are about 32 child trafficking victims every year.


Kevin Hyfyve, of Rockford’s Southside Police – which sees most of  the city’s highest rates of trafficking – said some poor suckers travelled into Rockford in trunks of cars or containers but most people arrived lawfully, often accompanied by their traffickers usually dressed to the nines and looking fine.

“Almost all of them think they’re coming to a better life in the Rockford,” he smiles and starts laughing hysterically..

Mr Hyfyve said it was “almost impossible” for local police to spot victims because they usually aren’t looking that hard because of all the stabbings recently it just did not add up.

Many victims are promised jobs in the restaurant industry or as entry level designers at sleazy ad firms, or as photographers, but when they arrive they are “berated and threatened”, he said.

One man RKFD News spoke to had arrived in the downtown area with two other Belotians who all had been homeless when they were picked up handcuffed and stuffed into a crate. He has asked not to be named, because he fears for his safety.

The men worked 17-hour days for little or no pay and lived in appalling, confinedconditions. They were too scared to ask for help they just figured everyone else thinks this place sucks but they stay here anyway, we figured we might as well too.He says there was a culture of drunks and storytellers and the Gloom in the air could suffocate the life right out of you..

“I’ve seen people threatened with profanity and shovels. I’ve seen peoples dreams kicked,and hopes smashed. I’ve nearly been pushed off a bridge. It’s very intense. You’re waiting for the next thing to happen, ” he says, “but it doesn’t”.


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