Local Woman has Mental breakdown at TEDx event..

Local Woman has Mental breakdown at TEDx event..

This letter was sent to us from a local woman who attended a TEDx event in Bainsport IL last year,

Dear RKFD News I am in a place that I find surreal. The events that took place at the TEDx event  have changed my life forever.  It snow-balled out of control and I find myself humiliated, remorseful, angry, betrayed, resentful and hurt.  I acknowledge and own my mistake…or crime (as it is what it is)…but I know that I set out to try and make myself a better person and make myself believe that I could change things and that I am a leader and feel as though I have been treated unfairly. I can’t comment too much on what actually transpired as my attorney has advised me against speaking of it but it really comes down to a mental health issue that’s been blown out of proportion.

 I am still staying with a friend and her family who my husband & I have known for over 2 years.  She has been my confidante through all this and more.  My TEDx mentor, through his distraught concern, initiated this ordeal and feels horribly guilty over it.  I have assured him that I place no blame on him.  He has been very supportive and reassuring in his unconditional love for me. He will stand by my side forever or at least until another woman pays him to learn the meaning of leadership. My children, ages 11 and 18, are very insecure and worried.  They feel quite sad and even guilty themselves. We have reassured them and will consider counseling – if it goes that far.  I am seeing my therapist 12 times a week although without my income I am concerned about the financial burden it will place on my family.  Hopefully I will learn something tomorrow when I meet with my attorney.  I am currently taking Marijuana, Xanax and Ambien so my “thoughts” are usually cloudy and unclear.  At least I stopped crying and carrying on.  I am trying to see the silver lining in this cloud.  One door closes, another opens, right?  TEDx scared me and did things to me that I will never forget.

Scared and alone,  __________.

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