Manhunt For Johnny Ends in Nashville

Manhunt For Johnny Ends in Nashville

Johnny in Nashville, showering under a city fountain right before police question him.

Last week, received word that Johnny Bravo was on the run after escaping Anna Page Park in Rockford, IL with 2 bags in tow.  Neighbors and police had their panties in a bundle for days as Johnny was on the run.  Today, the community and the 5-state midwestern region can rest as Nashville, TN area police caught him.  If you missed the original breaking story last week, click here to catch up and then come on back to read today’s breaking news on the manhunt for Johnny.

At 3:15 pm yesterday in Nashville, TN, Johnny Bravo was stopped for not wearing a shirt while he took a shower underneath a city fountain.  We here at believes he has been shirtless since the manhunt began last week.  Officer Tingler asked the young man, “What you have in your bags, boy?”  Bravo didn’t hesitate to answer and ran immediately.  Nashville police called for backup.

After a 3 hour search, Bravo was caught taking a nap on one of his two bags.  There was no fight.  Bravo told the police his name and said that the Rockford area was out for him, to take his bags.

Bravo said, “Those crazy m_____r f_____s think I was smoking pot at that parkin Rockford.  I was trying to enjoy a lunch break by myself with my shirt off, man. It was so nice out.  The birdies were relaxing with me and out of nowhere came a SWAT team running at me with guns and stuff.  What would you do?  I ran!  Next thing you know I’m hanging out at my friend Julie’s house and she’s on Rockford Scanner’s facebook page telling me there’s a manhunt for me!  So I had to git the f__k out of dodge immediately.  I always wanted to see Nashville, and here I am. Thanks, Officer.”

One of bags in question was filled with a change of clean clothes, and the other bag was a collection of fast food lunches that he was planning to eat once he found safer grounds to relax at in Nashville. What we know now is that Johnny Bravo did not have remains of the very popular marijuana plant in one of the bags as Rockford area police and neighbors had first assumed.

As of today, Bravo is being escorted back to the Winnebago County jail in in undercover truck with a horse trailer on it for further questioning.

We will share more information on this news story as we receive breaking details about Johnny Bravo’s arrest.  We expect him to be released as soon as his bags are cleared, but we don’t put it past anyone in the Winnebago County legal system to set Johnny up by putting something illegal in his bags to make this story more thrilling than ever.
Email us if you hear anything about Johnny before we do:  [email protected] 


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