Operation Bear Sex Sting Successful

Operation Bear Sex Sting Successful

ROCKFORD, IL -Dozens of people who thought they were paying a man dressed up like a bear for sex ended up in handcuffs as part of an undercover sting on the West Side. Sixteen men and fifty two women were arrested over a nine-hour period last Saturday during an undercover prostitution sting called “Operation Fake Bear Sex.”

James “Bentstick” McMurphy lives in the Westside neighborhood where the sting took place. He says, “Prostitution with men in bears suits is a big problem around here.”

“There’s a lot of it around,” said McMurphy, “I mean, you could drive down the street and I could probably point out to you 3 of them hanging out behind dumpsters in tree lines, acting like bears.”

“You could see them taking them from one area to the other,” said McMurphy. “ Screwing in the woods and behind trees acting like animals I mean, like, people have no common sense.”

“No longer are they confined to one area, but they operate in all areas of this forest city town,” said the bear prostitution squad.

We’ve followed bear hooker enforcement squads in the past as they’ve hit the streets and gone after prostitutes. With “Operation Fake Bear Sex”–  a joint effort led by the sheriff of the forest’s office– their target was on the women and occasional men who pay for these bizarre, bear services.

The Sheriff of the Forest City’s Office had three male detectives posing as salmon and walleye fish prostitutes in bear outfits in front of the Moe Beel Gas Hut  at King St and Main Streets. Investigators say once the woman came up to them and a deal was made, the “Bear” would accompany them behind a dumpster, or in a patch of woods, just beyond the station. Once in the designated area, the women and sometimes men were arrested and processed right on the spot. Local investigators say it soon became clear that the demand for bear sex with prostitutes in this area is overwhelming.

“Mostly women clientele walked up to our undercover salmon and walleye fish officers in bear suits and demanded grizzly bear-like sex acts,” said Captain Timmy Burrrenstaffenhausen of the Winniebagel Sheriff of The Forest City’s Office. “They arrived in their personal vehicles,on bicycles and in company vehicles, but having sex in a bear suit cannot be done in a car– it has to be done outside with the other animals.  We discovered that Bears love fish.  The scent of our finest salmon and walleye fisher men inside of the bear suits really threw the women for a curve. I think it helped us.”

“Bear Sex is the newest thing to hit the streets,” said Richard Oscar Meyer, a local city camper who enjoys pitching tents on street corners to get away from his house.

Rockford is not the first city to report this. Bainsport and Chemung have seen this type of prostitution.  If anyone thinks they’ve witnesses bear prostitution, please contact us before you contact the Sheriff of The Forest’s office for assistance with the bears:  [email protected]

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