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People To Creep: 👏 Bob LaBlaw 👏

The RKFDnews staff trolls the Northern IL’s anti-social media landscape each year for local celebrities to feature. 2020 is sure to be an exciting year for sharing memes, recipes, family photos, tasteless jokes, sarcastic hashtags, event invites, and political opinions. We are proud to present RKFDnews’ 2020 People to Creep. Our committee recognizes emerging leaders, artists, community activists (pro-profit capitalists including marketers, ad firms, sandwich tee shirt shops, and videographers who are doing positive, privately financed youtubes and vimeos), and difference-makers with troll accounts! We want to send out a single clap emoji 👏 to all in the Northern Illinois region—downtown Rockford specifically (the rest of the region doesn’t count)—who help sew and patch up the fabric of our proud community’s LOLoco internet!

Rockford, Illinois — No one knows how to manipulate the public’s emotions on the Facebook machine better than our first recognized community leader, Bob LaBlaw.

People all over the Rockford region are aware of Bob. He loves cats, and cats love him. He loves ladies, and ladies love him. He loves men, and men love him. Bob loves everyone, but not everyone loves Bob.

His abilities to bring out the worst in idiots on the internet with a few words or a meme is unparalleled only by those he is trolling and luring—enlightening, is how our staff sees it—into a fit of digital rage.

Rrrar! My feelings are hurt! Rrrar! Damn you, Bob! You hurt me with a fact on the Facebook and now I will report you! You hurt my internet feelings! Rrrar!

Some have cursed him on his profile page, “Hey, that’s not your name—I know who you are!

Bob is always ready, phone in hand, and ass on the toilet seat to reply with something witty, a meme, or an emotionally heartfelt post about pets. Listen, believe us when we tell you this fact below on the internet:

Bob LaBlaw is really good at making special moments on Facebook.

Bob makes us proud to know him.

His work for the Rockford, Illinois community serves as a genuine voice for positive transformation for all. It needs to be stated that he does what he does on Facebook for free without being paid by a downtown public charity or tourism bureau. He isn’t contracted by the GrahamSpencers, KMKs, Digital Hive Minds, Our City Our Stories, or Heartland Community Churches. He does it for free! 👏👏

He has no need to make YouTubes or Vimeos. He feels no need to make facebook pages about how proud we are—none of that paid-for bozo marketing business disguised as non-profit and community minded digital activism! Is Mr. LaBlaw an Armchair Activist™? Heck no.

Bob freely shares stories from personal experiences, surviving Nam, and ending up in Rockford on the internet to encourage pride and positivity. To make Rockford great again on the internet! Bob LaBlaw is our kind of People To Creep on the internet in 2020!

Bob channels our socioeconomic struggles, internet dreams, and yes, our cat memes. His punchlines about boners and milky semen may not make sense to all, but they do make sense to all who live each day on the internet in sunny Rockford, Illinois, learning more to know less.

Our great leader and CEO of all, Lord Thomas Derby, says it best about Bob LaBlaw: “That’s right—YOU$A®™ MTHRFKR$!

— Robert LaBlaw, Guest Columnist

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