Poetry Contest Heats Up!

Poetry Contest Heats Up!

RedSignSmallROCKFORD, IL – Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful poems that have been submitted about Rockford, Illinois, in our 1st Annual RKFD Noose Poems Contest.  Below are are four submissions we received.  One is from our own staff member, Jay Vannigan, because we believe in practicing nepotism in broad daylight as much as every other Rockford area business and city organization does with contests and grants.

The contest is accepting poems up until December 31st, 2013.  On January 14th, 2014, we will announce the winners of the RKFD Noose Poem Contest.  Winners will receive a free board meeting with us and a T shirt, maybe a sticker, some laughs, the truths they are seeking out of us to provide some explanations and clarity to, and a limited edition mason jar filled with river water with their name on it somewhere (scratched in or with tape and marker) celebrating their Rockford, IL, worthy champion-esque creative merits.

Send your submissions to:  [email protected]


By Kevin McRipperton

Today, I spoke to Rockford and this is what I heard

If you’re out there being selfish, you haven’t heard my word

People out here need you and your coffee

The young and old need help walking across the street

Please give them my love … but please, give me your money and God bless you



Protect me, Rkfd
By Julee Kevertherton

You are my protector

You are my strength

You are my city my story

You do not judge me

You never block my opinions on Facebook

You like all sides to all stories

You never let me down

When I fall you reach out your sharp claws and pick me up by my flesh

You are my Eagle…



Rockford’s Word
By Henry Hamilton

I lie here broken and hurtin,

Crying out and hurtin for certain,

Battered and bruised, guilty and frightened,

Hoping its all been a dream.I cry out to Rockford in frustration,

I lay it all, open and bare.

The fear and the pain, feelings and failings,

Sent up to Rockford in a prayer.

I still feel the pain and the sorrow,

I still find it hard to pay bills

But Rockford is good, and true.

The city gives me comfort and hope.



Conversation with a City
By Jay Vannigan

Thank you, Rockford.

Every night before I sleep
I think about the Symbol and try not to weep
For my heart is fulleth
with Lord Thomas Derby’s will;
His gifts of metal panties and putting the $ back into the YOU$A™
for all of thee are now awash with the river’s wishes

With the people on my back, I am tired and aim lest to work
but to froth with thy city under a bridge in my deluxe refrigerator box with you tonight

Rockford, with my head propped up on an empty plastic milk gallon
my strength is gone, my taxes high, and thy pockets empty
Yesterday’s milk drips from my neck to my loins
it covers me with it’s warmth and dries over with life’s natural riches,
to thee I thank thees ‘cept the city I love
below this overpass has left me with nothing aside from dreams with wings
Are you my bird, Rockford?
Do you wear thy hat?
Did the great and mysterious Andrew Whorehall not put a hat on you?
Oh poor little bird, are you my Smoke Monster or are you my Chief Tchad Beale?
Do you like Quinn Gelastio’s mad guitar riffs with FrequencyX2, too?
Fly me away on your wings of dreams and visions!
Please, Rockford, please?
Will you save thee from ruin?
Ahahhahahaahahhahhahaha – YOU$A™

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