How many tears does the average Rockfordian cry out in a life time?

How many tears does the average Rockfordian cry out in a life time?

Answer.The average person will cry 31.9648 gallons of tears in their lifetime. The average person will also have 10,000 chocolate bars.But the average Rockfordian will cry 131.5674 gallons of tears in their lifetime.The average Rockfordian will also have 545 Mc Doubles and 4532 Big Macs.

Here at RKFD News, we always have our pulse our huge throbbing pulse on what women (and men!) are thinking. So when our guy friends over at Warner Lambert invited us to work with them on their annual survey to find out all the dirty little secrets of more than 100,000 men and women in 2013, we couldn’t have been more elated.

Find out how you compare with thousands of other women…and get the guys’ point of view too.

SHE SAID: 99% of women cry at least once a month, with 100% of women crying at least once a week. Additionally, 99% of women believe that real men cry.

HE SAID: Almost 5% of Rockfordian men said real men never cry, no matter what. About 39% felt crying should only be in response to tragedies like unemployment or when you run out of coffee,also like the death of a cat, while 27% said it’s okay for a man to get emotional at any time. The remaining 29% say it’s okay to for a guy to cry shirtless eating donuts in a Stop and Go parking lot at 6:00 in the morning.

We are constantly being told that men are becoming more emotionally open, that the old taboos on men crying have been eroded, and it is now perfectly normal and acceptable for a man to be seen shedding tears. Local leaders,teachers and unemployed factory workers are happy to be filmed and photographed with tears in their eyes – and they are applauded for their uninhibited expression of emotion. In the currently fashionable therapy-speak, men crying is ‘healthy’, a sign that they are ‘in touch with their feelings’

Can cats cry like humans?

President Obama at a recent Transform Rockford meeting.

President Obama at a recent Transform Rockford meeting.

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