Positive Feedback is so Inspiring

Positive Feedback is so Inspiring

rockford-il-mortgage-pageRKFDNews.com has received great, positive feedback. The people have spoken. We want to share our positive feedback with our readers and stalkers.  All of you are very inspiring.

  • Bill Harmon (Stillman Valley)
    May 1 2013
    I had to pause half way through, because I almost couldn’t hold back the tears.


  • Molly (Beloit)
    April 5 2013
    This was amazing…thank you.
  • Hey RKFD News!
    Fantastic stories and a great website (awesome) :)
    I hope 2011 was fantastic and that 2012 will be even better! May you achieve everything you set your mind to!
    Diggy Vibrel


May 2 2013
Thank you for putting this up….. It may just be the reason my New Year turned better…
  • Diana Berg
    Stumbled onto the site and I must say, this is quite the post/stories/whatever it is… it’s fantastic. Will come back.


  • Nancy Kline
    March 12 2013
    Lovely, and it really touched me too.


  • Billy Cartine
    April 7 1013
    This sites short stories and reporting is inspiring and precious to the core. It makes you realize the things we take for granted. The one I could relate to was the goldfish story because I do miss the times when my family had no televisions, game systems or computers but all we had was each other; living in a one bedroom apartment, sharing stories about our day, and plans for the future.  Happy New Years everyone!
  • Mary Webster
    Feb 14 2013
    I had been in this phase of hating my life, dwelling and sulking all day long for what I don’t have…but today fate brought me to  your Facebook page(i do visit it, but it’s not a frequent thing..something i regret) and it just made my day, these little stories, makes me feel like, omg(tears still on my cheeks, hehe) <3 <3 thank you very much


  • hippy
    Jan 4 2013
    I got the link to your blog from stumbleupon.
    And.. wow the reporting,writing and pictures are breathtaking and inspiring, I love all of them.
    Thx for introducing me to myself.


  • Margie Ortizz
    May 15 2013
    Beautiful and inspirational post! Thanks for sharing these stories, it’s an excellent way to inspire and motivate someone, as well as stimulate reflection, in such a short space of time. Take care :-)


  • jim
    Nov 3 2012
    I love your site
    Keep them flowing. 2012 is going to be a good year.
    Keep growing…


  • Ann
    March 12 2013
    People can be such beautiful beings. Lets never forget that.


  • Linda
    May 1 2013
    Your site reminds us that life is a GIFT! Use it wisely…


  • Jenine
    Oct 6 2012
    I still have tears streaming down my face. I kept saying “Stupid website for making me cry…” but I couldn’t stop reading… and thinking! Thank you posting these incredible moments in other people’s lives.

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