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How many tears does the average Rockfordian cry out in a life time?

ROCKFORD– Answer.The average person will cry 31.9648 gallons of tears in their lifetime. The average person will also have 10,000 chocolate bars.But the average Rockfordian will cry 131.5674 gallons of tears in their lifetime.The average Rockfordian will also have 545

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Locals Debate Romney-Obama Debate At Stop-N-Go

Rockford, IL – A debate about the first Romney – Obama debate went down at Stop-N-Go on North Main St. in Rockford, IL today.  Local man, Terry Chadwick, stopped in for the newspaper and coffee to find himself in the

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President’s Bus Drives Past Rockford to Freeport

Rockford, IL – The President’s cavalry was seen driving past Rockford, IL earlier this month.  The 1.1 million dollar bus, along with a companion bus and a cavlary of vans cruised on I-90, right past Rockford, IL. “The decision to

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