Hope Robs Mother Protecting Son

Hope Robs Mother Protecting Son

“Hope Robbed Nancy Belladonna, too,” says the RKFDP (Rockford Dream Police)

Rockford, IL –  Nancy Beladonna is still in shock.

“We didn’t sleep all last night. I’m tired from crying and looking out my windows. I feel like Hope is all around us, waiting to rob us again of everything we be working for.  We were very upset,” she said.

A few minutes before 9 o’clock Tuesday night, she went to the Buy Things Mart on Knox Avenue in South Rockford with her son to pick up a few things. It was an ordinary trip to the store that ended up being anything but ordinary.  “We came back out, I got my sweet son in the car, I put the things in the car, I walked around, I got in the vehicle, I went to close the door, and then there It was,” Beladonna said.

She was face to face with Hope.

Her young son was beside her in the passenger’s seat. She says the 6-year-old quickly became the target.  “It stared into my eyes and asked that I give my soul to It or that It was going to take over my son’s brain and his future,” she said. Without hesitation, she gave up her purse. “I have never had any sense of hope in my body or life and did not want my son having any too.”

An incident report was filed on her stolen purse, valued at $1000; including cash, ATM cards, Linq cards, food stamps, Social Security cards, marijuana, and prescription drugs, too. “We had been running all morning. We started at the DMV, we went to the bank, the Social Security office, and we’ve had to go to the doctor’s to get medicines refilled, and to my dealers.  There was no way in hell I had time for hope, and here was no way hope was going to become a part of Steven’s life,” Beladonna said.

Beladonna says Hope ran toward the nearby Arby’s restaurant and escaped in a dark-colored minivan. RKFDP (Rockford Dream Police) officers pulled prints from Beladonna’s car and have high expectations that the surveillance footage from the parking lot will reveal something– “Hopefully Hope, no pun intended,” laughed Officer Kellyski.

Meanwhile, Beladonna is still struggling to comprehend why this happened. “I have heard of Hope arriving at odd times to rob us blind before, and some of my family members–who also like magic–seems to have It.  It scares me. I don’t need it and my son don’t need it, either,” said Beladonna.

There was also some discussion by the RKFDP officers on the scene that this crime could be living inside of her head. Police also said that talk is cheap, and those rumors ain’t nice. RKFDP officers and local community believers are looking for Hope; described as a thing–It, thief, man (maybe)–with a goatee, around 35 to 40 years old, possibly driving a dark-colored minivan.

Criminal acts are outnumbering job hirings on a daily basis in Winnebago County. Please email our RKFDP (Rockford Dream Police) Department immediately if you hear of a crime being commited in your neck of the forest city: [email protected]

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